The Ultimate Guide: Ultra-Precise Glass Laser Engraving Machines

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Hispeed’s glass engraving machines are available at low prices. He strives to produce the best glass engraving machines, and laser engraving of glass bottles is now the common method of engraving glass bottles. With easy to use design software and glass carving equipment, adding artistic flair and craftsmanship to a wide range of glass products is a simple process. Using these bespoke systems makes it easy to produce your ideal pattern.
Laser Cutting Machine
Laser Cutting Machine

What items can you etch or engrave with a laser machine?

With the versatile etching machine’s wide range of advanced technologies, the glass laser engraving machine can process an amazing number of products. Hispeed’s glass engraving machines are my best recommendation for all kinds of glass engraving cases. When you have a good laser glass engraver, you will become more proficient over time.
By applying the unique laser engraving technology, the glass engraving machine turns many glass items into unique works of art. You can also create templates that allow you to produce multiple products using the same laser-cut design. This practice is the first choice as it will not affect the effect of engraved glass or mirror products. However, if you prefer to use a masking material, such as a wet paper towel or wet old newspaper, on your laser engraving project. Then you will need this material.
This makes it easier to ensure that all the products you launch are up to standard, whether you are producing one piece or thousands.
  • Glass windows, glass doors, glass shower screens
  • Glass beer glasses
  • Crystal glass
  • Mirror glass
  • Glasses
  • Water glasses
  • Decorative objects made of glass, crystal, and hand-blown

For different types of glass with other lead content, the grass engraving method varies.

Glass laser engraving crafts are found in many craft shops and have great ornamental value. Many people may not know how it is made. Here is a detailed introduction to the glass laser engraving process.
Glass can easily break during the engraving process due to its brittle qualities. Therefore, glass laser engraving must with great care.

Laser engraved glass

As the lead content increases, the hardness and high temperature viscosity of the glass decreases. This is when glass laser engraving glass is also more likely to break. Plain glass is usually easier to engrave than crystal glass. This is because the high lead content in crystal glass reduces the hardness and viscosity of the glass during the glass laser engraving process. The glass laser engraving machine can design the engraving strength so that the expansion coefficient of crystal with lead is different from that of normal crystal, and the engraving machine will not cause the crystal to crack or break during engraving.

Glass laser engraving process

When the laser beam touches the glass surface, the glass surface is heated up, and the glass molecules fly apart. In general, the laser can create a frosting or shattering effect on the glass surface.
Crystal Laser Engraving
In order to obtain good laser engraving results, the glass is usually pre-treated.
  1. Wet the surface of the glass and cover it with wet newspaper;
  2. Cover the glass surface with protective foil or tape. The pre-treatment prevents the glass from being exposed to the laser and not being able to cool down.

Glass sandblasting engraving

The wine glass laser engraving machine makes engraving templates and applies protective coatings directly to the glass. The liquor bottle engraving machine traces the pattern with the laser engraving machine.

Hemispherical glass laser engraving

The bottle engraving machine has to choose a long focusing wavelength. This is because the longer the focusing wavelength, the larger the working area. The bottle engraving machine will then position the focus point right in the center so that good engraving results can be obtained all around the focus point.

Glass laser engraving and coloring

After engraving, the liquor bottle engraving machine cleans the surface with a damp cloth and colors it with propylene pigments.
Compared to the traditional glass bottle engraving process, laser engraving technology can largely solve production and time costs. You can also use the liquor bottle engraving machine to engrave a wide range of designs, which are highly designable.

Wet tissue paper laser etching

An excellent technique that can be applied to glass laser engraving is the use of wet paper towels on the engraving area. How does it work? Firstly, wet a paper towel and place it on the glass surface. Secondly, ensure that no air bubbles form when the wet tissue is placed on the item. Thirdly, once you have confirmed that there are no air bubbles on the glass material, you can begin the laser engraving process. This process will ensure a clear white engraving result with no rough edges.

Laser beam engraving application tape

Another technique used for laser engraving is applying adhesive tape to prevent a rough surface from forming where the glass is engraved. Similar to the function of wet wipes, the video prevents air bubbles from forming or overlapping. The main difference between the damp tissue method and the tape method is that the application of tape results in a more grey result than a white engraving result. This is desirable for specific projects and is, therefore, a viable option for many applications.

Glass Laser Engraving on wet paper or tape

Without any of the above methods, a laser engraver can still work on any glass or mirror product. The end result of engraving glass depends very much on your design file and laser machine settings. If you have any questions about the use or function of the glass laser engraving machine. You can always contact our staff. They will all give you a satisfactory answer from a professional point of view.
A crucial part of any glass laser engraving project is the correct identification of the type of glass you must use.
Generally, crystal compositions contain a high level of lead. Lead is known to retain the heat from the laser, which makes it difficult to create a uniform design on glass or mirror products. You can use sandblasting can produce beautiful designs, which then do not have to worry about the temperature of the glass when working.
Laser Cutting Machine
Laser Cutting Machine

The following are brief tips for you to look out for when laser engraving glass bottles.

Engraving speed

The ideal engraving speed for glass may be based on experimentation with precise glass composition and particle shape. Another practice that can have a huge impact on the outcome of the engraved product is the level of engraving speed. If you are processing a large number of glass bottles, set the laser engraver speed to medium and set it to the ideal engraving speed for high power to minimize variation in results.

Lower DPI

The lower DPI refers to a resolution of 300 dots per inch. Lower DPI produces better results on glass materials and reduces the problems of rough engraved glass. Lower DPI keeps the etched dots away from each other, which allows you to produce crisp designs without significantly weakening the glass or creating sharp edges.


This practice is the first choice as it will not affect the effect of engraved glass or mirror products. However, if you prefer to use a masking material, such as a wet paper towel or wet old newspaper, on your glass laser engraving project. Then you will need thisMasking prevents heat dissipation (reducing heat temperature), which may cause the glass to shatter or produce an uneven surface. When using masking, take care that the wet paper towel or newspaper remains flat on the surface of the glass. Any bubbles or creases can lead to etching or glass laser  engraving defects which can be unsightly to the customer.


A common practice applied by laser laser engravers on most laser glass engraving projects is polishing. The polishing agent can be a ScotchBrite pad or anything similar that will clean and polish the glass surface. Polishing removes all traces left on the surface of the glass. It can also be described as making the surface of a glass bottle or other glass product smoother. This helps to give the glass engraving machine a refined look to the engraved product for the customer to appreciate.
Glass products engraved with hispeed Laser CO2 laser engraving machines can produce unique works of art. Whatever your glass laser engraving needs, you can use hispeed’s laser glass engraving machines to get the desired result.

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