How Does a Laser Marking Machine Help Forklifts Manufacturer?

A manufacturer usually needs to identify its products with company name, logo, slogan, manufacturer date, serial numbers, specifications, or other significant contents and the label printed by ink is one of the traditional choices for many.

However, logos or words in the label which are printed is easy to be rubbed and also coursing consumable with cost and complicated operation. It saves neither time nor production source while the printing quality is not good enough.

One of our customer who is a manufacturer of forklifts, lift trucks and some other industrial material handing equipment were facing this problem before they own a laser machine, the printed labels just can’t provide a durable identification purpose.

They decided not to put up with it and turn to the Hispeed team for the laser marking solution.

Considering the material and products, we recommend the handheld fiber laser marking machine to them.

Because the forklift’s frame material is metal aluminum, fiber laser, the wavelength of which is 1064nm, is the best laser type for it with high speed and marking quality; on the other hand, this laser metal marking machine has a unique design with small size and hand-held function, which is the perfect right machine for marking on the bulky forklift frame materials.

After using the hand-held laser marker provided by Hispeed Laser to replace the printing labels, this customer feels quite happy about everything.

The quality and efficiency of their specifications marked on plates are promoted and the content on the aluminum plate can be lasted for a long time without being rubbed.

So, if you are looking for an identifying solution for your products, Hispeed Laser may help.

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