Розніца паміж лазернай маркіроўкай і струйным друкам

The development of wire and cable from the original simple telephone and telegraph cable to today’s coaxial cable, optical cable, data cable, and even combined communication cable is a step by step. And the manufacturing precision requirements are getting higher and higher, then the cable laser marking machine will be the most practical marking equipment for manufacturers

It is understood that the engraving method used by wire and cable manufacturers in the past was ink jet coding, but the ink jet printer consumables are extremely serious, which has become a “tumor” for wire and cable manufacturers, or a hidden cost that cannot be compressed. In addition, the ink jet marking will cause the ink to fall off and the permanent marking cannot be achieved. These two problems have always been a serious problem for manufacturers.

As an advanced marking device, laser marking machine, with its flexible installation, zero consumables, high stability, maintenance-free, clear handwriting, and permanent non-erasable features, is widely sought after by large and small partners, and solves all marking for users Troubles.

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