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Fiber Laser Marking Machine

A fiber laser marking machine is also known as a fiber laser marker, fiber laser engraving machine, etc. The fiber laser marker is a type of CNC laser marking machine system which utilizes a fiber laser beam to make a permanent mark on the surface of a wide range of metal and non-metal materials. The laser marking technologies are widely used in industrial manufacturing applications, school education, home business, and so forth. In Hispeed, we’ll offer you high-quality fiber laser markers with expert customer service to meet your demands.

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Hispeed Fiber Laser Engraver for Metal:

Laser marking technologies belongs to the group of solid-state laser. The wavelength used in the fiber laser engraver for metal is very small, which can produce a precise focal length. Therefore, the strength of the laser marker machine is much higher than that of the general CO2 technology. Therefore, a fiber laser engraver for metal is the best choice for metal engraving. Moreover, the metal engraving machine is easy to maintain and has a long service life. If you are looking for a marking machine, Hispeed will be your best choice.

Samples of Fiber Laser Engraver for Metal:

Things to consider when you buy a fiber laser marking machine:

Fiber laser engraver for metal is now widely used in the printing and manufacturing industry, often engraving products of various materials. If this process is not performed properly, it may cause damage to the item. Whether you want to use the laser marker machine for personal or professional use, this is what you need to consider.

1. Laser marking machine price

When buying a fiber laser engraver for metal, the most important thing is to know your budget. There is a big difference in the price of fiber laser engraver for metal. Before buying, you should combine your budget and actual engraving needs to choose the fiber laser engraver for metal that best suits your business.

2. Material options

When buying a fiber laser engraver for metal, you need to know your engraving materials and the desired engraving effect. Because the cutting materials applicable to different laser engraver for metal will be different.

3. Size

You need to consider the size of your working area when buying a fiber laser marking machine. The size of the laser engraver for metal described in the picture may not be very obvious. You need to read the product specifications of the laser engraver for metal carefully before buying one.

How Does a Fiber Laser Marking Machine Work?

Fiber laser marking machine, also called laser labeling machine, works by generating contrast of the materials or work-pieces to convey information. The color change is a typical working process of the fiber laser. In this case, the laser beam hits the surface of the designated materials and changes the contrast. Thus, the colors of the design depend on the frequency of the laser beam released by the fiber marking laser.

Before understanding the fiber laser marker working principle, we must know the speed of the marking, power of the energy source, frequency of the beam, and hatches of the drawings. Speed and power are effortless to understand. Beam frequency is the density of the focused beam generally counted in KHz. Hatch leaves a line pattern in the marking.

However, let’s discuss the fiber laser marking principle. In the mechanism, two side mirrors are surrounding the laser medium (Fiber doped with erbium). While giving the Power in the medium, the particle energized and came to its excited state. If one particle comes to its original position, it releases a photon. If this photon hits another energized particle, it produces two photons. In this way, lots of photons are created from the excited particles in the laser medium.

After that, depending on the requirements of the design, these photons are controlled by the machine and release the necessary amounts of the beam. These photons then hit the surface of the materials and change the structural properties of the surface.

How to Use a Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

The fiber laser machine is a sensitive, powerful laser marking machine. So, before we use it, we must set up this laser marking machine properly. Generally, the providing company delivers a controlling unit with the power source and a working stage with laser gun. We must not keep this machine in our house. If it is for the workshop, we can choose a specific place to set up this machine.

We can use both desktop or laptop to control this fiber laser marking machine. The USB port is available, so nothing to worry about. Let’s point out the device. There are three switches on the controlling unit. One is to open the machine; one is to connect the power and finally the switch to power on the energy source.

There is numerous computer software to operate this fiber laser marker machine. Install the required drivers for the device. And then draw your design on the software. Determine your required power, speed, frequencies, and hatch. And practice it if you are a beginner. You can practice it using a metal plate to see if ti works properly. There is some feature in the software that will help you to show the marking area before it operates. You can fix your red-bordered light on the object.

However, Focal length is another essential thing to consider here. Usually, the zero points are marked on the scale. Let’s say we are working on the 150 x 150 mm. (Normally the more significant range is 200 x 200 mm). And we have 20mm height of the object to mark on it. What can be our focal length ??? well, we will need to move 20 mm upward to adjust the laser gun for the marking.

We must keep in mind that, while using this machine, we must keep our bodies away from the laser gun. The dominant electromagnetic radiation comes from the laser medium. The photon particles in excessive amounts may damage your organic cell on your skin. It can damage the nervous system too. So, we must be careful while using this machine.

How to Maintain a Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

Maintenance is necessary for any device we use every day. If you can not maintain your tool, you can not deserve its long-lasting. By the way, we have listed the following maintenance for CO2 laser engraver machine. Let’s check it out.

  1. Turn off the fiber laser marker after operation.
  2. Do not perform maintenance while it is turned on.
  3. Clean up the dust on the fiber laser marker.
  4. If you feel any usual activity of the laser marking machine,cut off the power immediately.
  5. If you used your fiber laser engraving machine so long, your focus lens might be contaminated. Remember to change it before your next generation.
  6. Do put any reflective object beside the laser gun.
  7. Please do not put any object on the controlling unit, and it might hamper the cooling system of the system.

These are the frequent maintenances we must perform for the Fiber laser marking machine. As we have said, Fiber laser is a susceptible machine for the human body. So, we must use it with caution. So, if you are interested in other laser machines, please stay connected with us. There are lots of exciting guides you will find in here.

What is a Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

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Fiber laser marking machines have different laser marking principle. Depending on the laser marking principle, we can classify these machines into three main categories, such as the Fiber Laser Marker, the Fiber Laser Engraving Machine, the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine. Though their laser marking principles are similar, the uses are different. There are various influential fiber laser engravers, such as 20w Fiber Laser Marking Machine, 30w Fiber Laser Marking Machine, 50w Fiber Laser Engraver, etc.

Fiber laser marking system does not engrave nor cut the object. Instead, it changes the contrast on the required surface without damaging the surface of the materials. Fiber laser marking machine can mark on any flexible shapes. It can operate on metals, coated materials, and plastics. In detail, Fiber laser marker can mark on phones, gears, tools, bearings, automobiles, jewelry, bolt and nut, knife, connecting rod, etc.