Laser Marking Machine/ Laser Engraving Machine for Jewelry

The laser marking machine/laser engraving machine for jewelry is a new generation laser marking system developed with the world’s most advanced laser.

When it comes to jewelry, there is no doubt that they are an important part of our daily lives. Couples like to mark lover’s names or special dates on jewelry. People pursuing fashion may like to mark special letters or patterns. As a result, the laser marking machine/laser engraving machine/laser cutting machine is increasingly used for designing jewelry. Laser ring engraving machine is not only practical but also meets the needs of this era and people.

Hispeed jewelry laser marking / engraving machine is especially suited for precision marking or engraving materials found within the jewelry industry including but not limited to most precious metals, gold, silver, stainless steel, alloys, which can be processed.

Hispeed Jewelry Laser Engraving Machine Type:

Below are some jewelry samples of Hispeed laser marking machine/laser engraving machine:

Crafts of metal laser engraving machine

Jewelry Laser Engraving Machine Working Process:

  • make the engraving design on your design software Coreldraw
  • Import the engraving design to the Hispeed Laser marking software
  • Adjust the artwork accordingly
  • Set up the marking parameters such as speed, frequency, power, hatching
  • Test and adjust parameters until the marking quality is perfect for you
laser engraving machine for jewelry (2)

Advantages of Laser Engraving Machine for Jewelry

  • Attractive design, mini size
  • Motorized Z axis, double red light pointers for positioning
  • No consumables, free maintenance
  • Long lifetime upto 100,000 hours
  • High marking speed, high efficiency, high precision