Laser Engraving Machine for Paper Card

Laser Paper Cutter Machine

The laser engraving machine is an ideal tool for making paper cards. It can create unique designs and text by burning the paper with a focused beam of light. Compared to traditional cutting techniques, it is more precise and easier to generate original designs. The laser engraving machine can handle different types of paper, like cardstock, art paper, and handmade paper, with different thicknesses. As a result, it is used in the card-making industry to help people create more creative and distinctive paper cards

Our Laser Engraving Machine for Paper Card is a cutting-edge technology designed to create intricate designs and patterns on paper. With its high-speed laser, this machine can quickly and accurately engrave any design onto paper. It is perfect for creating custom invitations, business cards, and other paper products. At, you can find a variety of Laser Engraving Machines that are perfect for any project. Whether you’re a professional designer or just looking to add some personal flair to your paper products, these machines are the perfect tool for the job.

Coherent RF Metal Tube CO2 Non-Metal Laser Marking Machine

Coherent RF Metal Tube CO2 Non-Metal Laser Marking Machine
Model LS-CO2-100/150D
Laser Power 100Watt 150Watt
Laser Generator CO2 Metal Laser Tube
Laser Wavelength 10.6μm
Engraving Line Speed ≤5000mm/s
Repeat Precision ±0.01mm
Minimum Line Width 0.1mm
Minimum Character 0.4mm
Marking The Maximum Height 600*600mm
Power Supply 110V-240V, 50Hz – 60Hz

Large Size 3D Dynamic CO2 Laser Marking Machine for Paper Card

300W Wood Engraving Machine
Model LS-CO2-250/300D
Max.Marking Area 800x800mm
Laser power 250watt, 300watt
Marking Speed ≤7000mm/s
Power Consumption ≤ 5 kWh
Worktable Aluminum Honeycomb Worktable
Laser Source Coherent CO2 metal RF Laser Tube Made in USA
Laser Wavelength 10.6μm
Laser Frequency 20kHz~200kHz
Scanner CTI America
Repetition Precision 0.01mm
Min.Letter Size 0.3mm

Features of CO2 Laser Cut Paper Card

  1. The wavelength of CO2 laser has a good absorption rate for paper card materials, so that the whole cutting process is more efficient, the laser system has higher stability and better cutting effect.
  2. For complex and fine designs, laser cutting can be easily realized, and the operation of the entire software system is more flexible and easy to use.
  3. Laser cutting is a non-contact process, which means that the paper card will not be deformed or twisted during the cutting process.

Laser Engraving Steps of Paper Card

  1. Design paper cards
  2. Prepare paper materials
  3. Setting up the laser engraver
  4. Perform laser engraving
This is a process of cutting paper cards using CO2 laser technology. The CO2 galvanometer laser engraving machine can accurately engrave on paper cards of different thicknesses. And it can cut geometric figures of different complexity.
The most important thing is that it can effectively avoid burning paper. Paper cards evaporate during the laser cutting process, removing visible gaseous fumes at high speed. At this time, the smoke will take away the heat generated when the laser acts on the paper card, thereby generating lower thermal stress on the material. During this operation, it works together with the smoke filter to effectively absorb gaseous smoke.

Different Types Of Paper For Laser Engraving

These are just some of the available options, and the selection of a specific paper type depends on your specific needs and the power and material of the laser engraving machine.

Wood pulp paper

Wood pulp paper is typically used for traditional books or magazines and is suitable for low-power laser engraving machines.

Cotton pulp paper

Cotton pulp paper is an ideal choice for creating valuable documents and artwork and can be used for laser engraving.

Composite paper

Composite paper is suitable for a variety of applications, has high strength and a smooth surface, and can be used for laser engraving machines.

Copperplate paper

Copperplate paper has high quality and is suitable for producing exquisite business cards and packaging boxes and can be used for laser engraving machines.

Common Problems And Solutions When Engraving Paper Card

Here are some common problems and solutions when using the Laser Engraving Machine for Paper Card:

  1.  Poor marking quality:
    It may be because the laser tube or mirror needs to be cleaned. You can fix this by cleaning or replacing them.
  2. The marking speed is slow:
    It may be that the power of the laser tube is insufficient or there is a problem with the mirror. You can fix this by adjusting the power or checking the mirrors for obstructions.
  3. The marking position is not accurate:
    It may be that the laser head is not correctly aligned with the origin. You can fix this by recalibrating the laser head and resetting the origin.
  4. Smoke generated from marking:
    It may be that the marking material is too thick or there is a chemical reaction. You can change the material or adjust the marking parameters to solve this problem.
  5. Abnormal sound during the marking process:
    It may be that the machine part is malfunctioning or needs to be lubricated. You can inspect and maintain the machine to fix this problem.

How to Maintain and Clean a Laser Engraver

Maintaining and cleaning your laser engraving machine is very important to ensure its long-term stable operation. Here are some suggestions for cleaning and maintaining your laser engraver:

  1. Clean the lens and laser head regularly:
    Use a clean cotton cloth or swab to gently wipe the lens and laser head to make sure they are free of dust or dirt.
  2. Change filters regularly:
    The filters in your laser engraving machine keep dust and particles from entering the machine. Replacing the filter regularly keeps the machine clean and prevents it from malfunctioning.
  3. Calibrate the laser head regularly:
    When you find that the engraving effect of the laser engraving machine has deteriorated, it may be necessary to calibrate the laser head.
  4. Replace fiber optics regularly:
    If your laser engraver uses fiber optics, periodically inspect the fibers for fraying or damage, and replace those that need replacement.
  5. Clean the work area regularly:
    Regularly clean the dust and waste in the work area to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the machine.