Laser Engraving Brass

Brass plate engraving is currently the most commonly used laser processing material. It has the advantages of being easy to engrave and cut and not easy to damage. Therefore, we usually choose brass as the material of choice for the nameplate. The surface of the brass plate is golden. The color is similar to gold, so the effect after engraving is generally very ideal. We can also polish for gloss or brush for a matte effect. Next, I will introduce you to the use and operation of brass plate engraving.

brass plate engraving

Applications of brass plate engraving

Many designers and manufacturers now choose to engrave brass to make nameplates, picture frames, etc. The use of engraved brass nameplates is extensive. We can use it in industry, commerce, and daily life.

Engraved brass nameplate

Engraving brass nameplates is one of the most widely used applications for laser engraving. We engrave names or logos on wood and brass. This can use to identify offices or public areas, etc. And the engraving of brass plaques can add some color. It is an excellent choice to place the engraved brass nameplate at the company’s door as the company’s logo. The brass nameplate also has a classic appearance and can add colors to the nameplate. Adding the company logo to the design makes this brass nameplate more unique. And this can better publicize the company’s reputation.

Engraved plaques for picture frames

Since brass is a malleable metal, it can be cut and formed into unique shapes. So it is very suitable for making plaques or photo frames.
Engraved brass is very suitable for picture frames, shadow boxes, memorials, and other art projects. Compared with other materials, the engraving effect of brass materials is the best in terms of photo frames and plaques! At the same time, the artistic process of engraving frames and plaques can also add golden satin, black and nickel-silver brass nameplates, wood, and legendary 23k gold foil nameplates. Thus, make the whole photo frame or plaque more artistic effect.

Laser engraved picture on brass

The laser-engraved picture on the brass is a great and meaningful feature. In the past, the photos were printed on paper and could not be preserved for a long time. Paper photos may have cracks in the past few decades, and then you can’t see the details on the pictures. Laser engraving pictures on brass can preserve the engraved pictures and text for generations. Brass engraving pictures, the details of the engraving, and the shooting level of the camera are almost indistinguishable.
And the laser engraving brass picture technology can easily engrave high-quality engraved photos. The picture will be processed when it is input into the engraving machine. Avoid zooming in small images during use, as it will provide lower resolution and reduce engraving quality. Generally speaking, the resolution of laser engraved images should be at least 300 dpi. If necessary, you can increase the resolution of the graphics software by re-sampling. The resolution of the carved picture is no different from that of the picture.

Engraved brass plaques

We deeply love the unique color of brass. It is very similar in color to gold, and the price is much lower than gold. So many people choose brass when engraving plaques. And the carved brass plaque can withstand more harsh environments. When engraving a brass plaque simultaneously, brass is a kind of soft metal, and it is the best choice to engrave a plaque because it is easy to leave marks.

Engraved QR code” on brass

Facebook, Twitter, etc., will have their exclusive QR codes. A QR code can be engraved on the brass for consumers to scan the code directly for payment in shops or shopping venues. You can also engrave other QR codes in brass, such as the QR codes placed next to the supermarket merchandise, allowing customers to scan the code to understand the product evaluation directly. You can also engrave brass QR codes on different products. In this way, it is convenient to count the quantity and easily find their position on the shelf, and then put the goods on the shelf.

Engraved brass tags (dog & cat ID tags)

We can also put brass tags on the collars of kittens or dogs and other pets. You can engrave your pet’s name, owner’s phone, etc., on the brass tag. In this way, if there is a pet lost and other things, the kind people you see can call the phone on the brass label to contact the dog owner. And the brass-engraved tags are not easily damaged, so you don’t have to worry about frequently replacing your pet with new titles.

Benefits of using a laser engraver to engrave brass plates.

1.Use advanced laser engraving technology to replace the traditional mechanical carving knife. Compared with manual or automated carving knives, laser engraving brass plate engraving has many advantages. To briefly summarize the following points:

  • No additional tools are needed, just put the brass plate engraving on the laser engraving machine table and start working, which is very convenient and fast.
  • The quality and hardness of brass plate engraving are not required, and the application range is wide
  • The quality of engraved brass plate engraving is good, and the pattern has a strong three-dimensional effect
  • The laser engraving machine has high working efficiency

2.Laser engraved brass plate engraving adopts domestic advanced professional CNC technology. The laser engraving machine developed by it has a more stable performance. An advanced motherboard uses a stepper motor controlled by a driver circuit to run faster, more durable, and with higher accuracy.

3.The operation interface of laser engraving brass plate engraving is simple, and the operation is very convenient.

4.The fully enclosed shape makes the machine beautiful and easy to work.

Choosing the right laser engraving machine for brass plate engraving business

There are many machines for engraving brass, whether you are looking for a metal laser engraving machine, a needle engraving machine, a co2 laser engraving machine, a laser engraving portable machine, or any other type of engraving machine. All different types of engraving machines have their advantages and disadvantages. Next, I will briefly introduce you to several devices suitable for engraving brass.

1. Metal Laser Engraver

The metal laser engraving machine is suitable for high-precision brass engraving. For example, you are engraving a QR code or a photo. This kind of brass engraving requires high precision. If the brass products branded by your company have high requirements for details, you can choose Huangtong products engraved by a metal laser engraving machine.

The advantage of a metal laser engraving machine is exact. And there is no need to replace machine parts during the engraving process frequently. There is no need to use some hazardous chemicals. The method of metal laser engraving brass is very environmentally friendly and hardly produces harmful substances. At the same time, the engraving machine is small in size and does not need to occupy much space. But its disadvantage is that because of its high engraving accuracy. It needs more power than ordinary laser engraving machines.

2. Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Fiber laser marking machine is also called laser marking machine. It is one of the best choices for laser engraving brass. At present, it is widely used in the manufacturing industry or industry. It can increase the contrast of engraving without changing the brass plate’s surface to achieve the purpose of laser engraving. The operation of this fiber laser marking machine is very flexible. Many types of fiber laser marking machines, such as New Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Engraving Machine, New Designed Fiber Marking Machine With Double Laser Heads.
The advantage of this machine is its high accuracy. Suppose you want to engrave the pattern with many details and more complicated. Then the one you choose in the fiber laser marking machine is the best choice. If you want to know more about their differences and uses, you can contact our staff, and they will give you a detailed explanation.

3. Mini Portable Laser Engraver

Mini Portable Laser Engraver is a new type of portable engraving machine. Mini Portable Laser Engraver is ideal for marking large brass plates or not moving at all. This machine can provide a durable and compact design with incredible mobility. They can handle the design and effects of almost all other types of engraving machines and make permanent marks on the surface of the brass plate. In addition, it is swift and can save much time. Mini Portable Laser Engraver can be used as an ordinary laser engraving machine or can use a handheld laser head with engraving materials.
Its advantage is that it can be carried at any time and has good mobility. In addition, the mini Portable Laser Engraver perfectly solves the difficulty of marking on large brass plates. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for laser engraving small objects.

In conclusion

There are many different types of engraving machines on the market. According to your engraving needs, you can choose a specific type of engraving machine. In short, if you have higher requirements for the details of the engraving pattern when engraving brass, I suggest you use a fiber laser marking machine. On the other hand, if you want to engrave pet logos and other brass plates that do not require much detail, I suggest using a metal laser engraving machine.
And if you need to engrave large brass plates and the desktop engraving machine is inconvenient to operate, I recommend Mini Portable Laser Engraver. This engraving machine can be carried and operated and is very flexible to use. Here is just a brief list of several related engraving machines. Suppose you want to know the best engraving machine for different sizes of brass plates. Please contact our staff directly. They will help you make the best choice from a professional perspective.
brass plate engraving
brass plate engraving
brass plate engraving

3 steps to laser-engrave a brass plate

Laser engraved brass products are more and more widely used in our lives. Next, I will briefly introduce you to the three steps of laser engraving brass plates (taking fiber laser marking machine as an example).

1. Choose the laser engraved pattern on the brass plate

a. The size of the selected pattern cannot be greater than the size of the material. Otherwise, I will lose part of the pattern information. If the engraved pattern size is larger than the material size, we must first adjust the pattern size on the computer before proceeding to the next operation.
b. If engraving photos on a brass plate, we should try our best to choose an image with higher contrast. At the same time, the picture should also try not to have excessive shadows. The engraved pattern will be more precise in this way.

2. Adjust the fiber laser marking machine

a. Adjust the engraved pattern to the best position through the computer control panel. The brass plate should be as horizontal as possible. If the brass plate is bent on both sides, we must first trim the brass plate or replace the brass plate.
b. Adjust the lens of the fiber laser marking machine. We can wipe the lens clean with alcohol or a cotton swab first. Then adjust the lens height. Ensure that the lens and the engraving pattern are on a vertical line.

3. Adjust the engraving position and click OK

This process is all on the computer panel of the laser marking machine. Operate according to your needs. Finally, click OK to engrave. So you get a perfect engraved brass plate.

How much does it cost to laser engrave a brass plate