What is brass?

Brass plate engraving is an alloy composed of copper and zinc. If it can only compose of copper and zinc, it can call ordinary brass plate engraving. If a variety of alloys are composed of two or more elements, it is called unique brass plate engraving. Such as copper alloys consisting of lead, tin, manganese, nickel, iron, and silicon. brass plate engraving has strong wear resistance. Unique brass plate engraving can also call special brass plate engraving. It has high strength, high hardness, and strong chemical resistance.
And the mechanical properties of cutting are also more prominent than brass plate engraving materials. The seamless copper tube drawn from brass plate engraving is soft and has strong wear resistance. brass plate engraving seamless pipes use heat exchangers and condensers, cryogenic pipelines, subsea transportation pipes, manufacturing sheets, bars, bars, tubes, casting parts, etc.
The copper content is 62%~68%, the plasticity is strong, and it does use to manufacture pressure equipment, etc. According to the different alloying elements in brass plate engraving, brass plate engraving can dive into ordinary brass plate engraving and unique brass plate engraving. The brass plate engraving uses for pressure processing is called deformed brass plate engraving.
brass plate engraving
brass plate engraving

Commonly used laser engraving materials and their engraving techniques

Brass plate engraving

Brass plate engraving is by far the most commonly used laser processing material and is easy to engrave and cut. The unique structure of brass plate engraving has become a substitute for gold and silver. So it is more suitable for carving.
Generally speaking, the engraving on brass plate engraving is usually surface engraving, and the engraving depth is usually deeper. In this way, the power is generally set higher. If you encounter more intricate brass plate engraving, the color of the engraved graphics may become darker. If you want to make the color lighter, you can increase the engraving speed. And the engraving on the brass plate engraving can be retained for a long time and is not easy to be destroyed.
If it can not polish, the color will be uneven when viewed from the front. Brass is relatively easy to cut or engrave. If the customer’s requirements are not high, can deliver the products without flame polishing after cutting. Otherwise, the air blowing device indeed does use when cutting to improve the cutting quality. When thinning brass over 8mm, should replace the large-size lens.


Laser engraving acrylic is relatively low cost. There are two production processes for plexiglass: casting and rolling. Laser engraving mainly uses plexiglass produced by casting. Because the frosting effect produced after laser engraving is very white, it has a sharp contrast with the original transparent texture. The plexiglass produced by the calendering method is still transparent after laser engraving, without a good contrast effect. When buying plexiglass, you should ask the dealer for a good kind of high purity; otherwise, the material you bought back may melt during engraving or cutting.
When engraving the back, please mirror the graphics first. And the engraving speed should be fast, and the power should provide below. If the power is too high during engraving, uneven stripes will appear on the bottom surface. If you want to engrave deeper, try impressing it several times. In the back carving, for partial coloring, the coloring should carve deeper first and then polished with a flame polishing machine before it can fill the color.
brass plate engraving

Main feature

1.Use advanced laser engraving technology to replace the traditional mechanical carving knife. Compared with manual or automated carving knives, laser engraving brass plate engraving has many advantages. To briefly summarize the following points:
  1. No additional tools are needed, just put the brass plate engraving on the laser engraving machine table and start working, which is very convenient and fast.
  2. The quality and hardness of brass plate engraving should not require, and the application range is wide
  3. The quality of engraved brass plate engraving is good, and the pattern has a strong three-dimensional effect
  4. The laser engraving machine has high working efficiency
2.Laser engraved brass plate engraving adopts domestic advanced professional CNC technology. The laser engraving machine developed by it has a more stable performance. An advanced motherboard uses a stepper motor controlled by a driver circuit to run faster, more durable, and with higher accuracy.
3.The operation interface of laser engraving brass plate engraving is simple, and the operation is very convenient.
4.The fully enclosed shape makes the machine beautiful and easy to work.
Laser engraved brass plate engraving easily damaged parts

Laser tube

The service life of the laser engraving brass plate engraving machine is about 2500 hours. Its service life should roughly divide into four stages (eight hours per day on average):
The first stage: the excellent period. The laser tube is in a stable state, and all aspects are at their peak.
The second stage: the stable period, when the laser tube is in a steady-state, the light intensity is slightly weaker than the first stage under the same current, but the road meets the work needs. This stage can last about one to two months.
The third stage: the weakening period. After a long period of use, the indicators of the laser tube begin to go downhill, and the light intensity becomes weaker. At this time, you can increase the current and slow down the speed to reach your Deep requirements. This stage can last about half a month to a month.
In the fourth stage: the depletion period, the laser tube ends its life.
It can find from the laser tube’s life process that the length of the stable period is the key to the quality of the laser tube, and the quality of maintenance is directly related to the size of the challenging period
Precautions for laser engraving brass plate engraving
(1) The machine’s operating environment should be good, and the power supply voltage should be stable. If the voltage fluctuates too much, a regulated power supply should be configured. The placement of the machine should be tricky, and it should not work in an environment with significant vibrations and damp conditions. In this case, the mark should engrave on the brass plate engraving surface will be more permanent.
(2) The laser current must not be too large, it must be below 20mA, and it must be as deep and speed as possible. Ensure that the engraving on the brass plate engraving is precise enough.
(3) The laser tube is a heating element and must guarantee the quality and quantity of circulating water: quality — to ensure that it is clean and free of debris. The circulating water will replace regularly (two days). The water must be changed when the machine is not working; quantity-ensure sufficient circulating water (above 20Kg), and ensure that the circulating water temperature is 5-25°C.
(4) Under the conditions that meet the functional requirements, adopt the most optimized working method to extend the laser tube’s service life as much as possible. For example, try to work with cutting procedures as much as possible.
Quality assurance regulations for hispeed's laser engraved brass plate engraving machine

1.Quality guarantee period:

The guarantee period of the laser engraving machine is 12 months, counting from the date the user purchases the device.

2.Quality guarantee conditions

  1. For any guarantee during the quality guarantee period, the user must show the “contract” with the company’s contract seal
  2. Before the user submits the quality guarantee, must preserve the original state of the damage.
  3. During the warranty period, the replacement and maintenance of spare parts cannot extend the warranty period of the whole machine or the warranty period of replacement parts.

3.It belongs to the scope of quality guarantee

  1. The machine cannot work due to product manufacturing, assembly, and raw material defects.
  2. Machine damage caused by quality defects.

4.Not within the scope of the quality guarantee (the user shall bear the cost)

  1. The user cannot show the contract, and the user will automatically give up the right to claim for quality.
  2. All problems occurred after the user repaired by himself or went to a manufacturer outside the company to improve.
  3. Quality problems caused by improper use or improper maintenance by users
  4. The machine does damage due to external reasons, especially the collision and chemical gas during transportation and handling. Damage caused by corrosion of body and chemicals.
  5. Expenses that are not explicitly stipulated in the quality guarantee, such as all expenses incurred by the user due to the quality guarantee, such as transportation and accommodation expenses.
  6. Economic losses or additional costs caused by the quality guarantee process.
  7. Damage caused by not following the method specified in the manual.
  8. The maintenance cost of normal wear and tear of vulnerable parts (including laser tube, reflector lens, condenser lens, and consumables mentioned in the manual).

5.The manufacturer reserves the right to change the content of the manual and products without prior notice

6.The laser engraving machine is a kind of precision numerical control equipment.

There is a high voltage of tens of thousands of volts in the machine. The laser tube emits. The company does not assume any responsibility for personal injury caused by improper operation of users.
Maintenance of laser engraved brass plate engraving

1.The laser engraving mechanism and workbench does keep clean and dust-free, so that they should clean every time it is turned on and off.

2.X, Y, and 2-axis guide rails are regularly dipped in a long fiber cotton ball with a bit of lubricant and gently wiped (pay attention to regular. When oiling, do not leave the cotton ball in the machine and on the belt).

3.Use a blower to blow off the dust, or wipe gently with lens cleaning paper. If the coating can damage (which will affect the engraving and cutting depth), should replace it in time.

4.The inside of the machine must be kept dry, especially the mirror bracket, laser power supply, and switching power supply if found

5. During engraving, if the light path is offset, it should adjust as soon as possible.

6.When troubleshooting, you must first cut off the 220V power supply, and it is strictly forbidden to plug in various cables and the inside of the machine.

7.Before use, check whether the cooling water and various external connections are standard. It is strictly forbidden to circulate the cooling water without cooling water. Use it in a state of being in the same form to prevent the laser tube from overheating and bursting.

Troubleshooting in use

1.The laser tube does not emit light during testing

Check whether the laser engraving brass plate engraving machine has the water pump on. Water should flow out of the standard water outlet. Check whether the laser power supply and laser tube are damaged. Turn on the laser engraving machine switch to see if it can damage the laser scanning part. At the same time, check whether the control panel can power, whether the USB cable of the laser engraving machine and the computer is faulty, or whether there is a problem with the software and software layout.
There are dislocations and markings when the machine is working
The cause of the failure: There is interference from the outside of the engraving brass plate engraving. If the ground is not secure, the computer has excessive static electricity, or the computer itself is faulty, such as a USB cable fault. Engraving path generation error: please redesign or contact our company’s technical department. Optical path components can contaminate or damage, such as the reflective lens coating falling off, concentrating lens contamination, and laser tube power attenuation.