What is CO₂ Laser Engraver Machine?

The CO₂ Laser engraver machine is highly precision instruments typically used to write, decorate, make logos on the surface of the material by engraving process. This engraving depth can be 0.0001" to 0.005". The CO₂ laser machine can perform its operation on any hard materials, such as acrylic, wood, paper, metals, plastic, and all other elements.

Depending on the power supply, there are types of CO₂ laser engravers. But among them, 30W laser, 40W CO₂ laser engraver, 50W CO₂ laser are noteworthy. The CO₂ laser system is a ninth-century invention; still, it's beneficial in engraving materials. It is prevalent than other laser machines. The design process is a little slow yet captivating.

One of the best advantages of using this machine is that it can cut all the solid materials. On the other hand, its production efficiency is very high. Moreover, it is safe and reliable. Price is comparatively, not expensive. After all, the CO₂ laser engraver machine is always energy-saving and best for environmental protection.

CO₂ laser marking/engraving machine is typically an automated machine. CNC or computer numeric control is the device that controls the whole mechanism. In this case, you can quickly draw your design on the CAD software and convert them into the CNC software. The machine will engrave accordingly, depending on the model you provided. The remarkable example of CO₂ laser engraver machines is Ten-High 40W, Orion motor tech 40W, QIILU mini 1500mW, Mophorn 40W, Suncoo 40W, etc.

How does CO₂ laser Engraver Machine work?

The total laser system consists of two major units. One of them is the controlling and energy power source unit, and the other one is the laser-shooting unit. Therefore, based on these units, we have categorized the working principle of CO₂ laser engraver machine into following two steps:

Laser beam creation

We know in the presence of high power energy source, the CO₂, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium particles convert to the atomic excited stage. If these charged particles come to the original position, it produces photons. And subsequently,  if the photons hit the other exciting particles, it provides so many photons. Two mirrors surround all of these particles and sources. One of them is fully mirror, and the other one has a small pore. Through this pore, the photons come out of the box and go to the laser shooting unit.

Laser shooting

The photons come to the laser shooting unit. Here it hits the amplification lens and directly passes through the gun hits the surface of the materials. While passing through the hole, it is mixed with the oxidation gas.

Based on the density of the photons and amplifications lens, the depth of the engraving depends. Consequently, the laser cutting machine produces a more powerful cutting beam to cut objects. In the CO₂ laser engraver machine, the controlling unit controls the opening and closing of the pore. And thus, the gun engraves the place according to the command line given by the operator.

How to use CO₂ Laser Engraver Machine?

We have mentioned above that the CO₂ laser system has two central units: the control unit and the laser gun. We have to place a secure place in our workplace. However, The controlling unit has several switches to turn on the machine and the power source. There are inputs and outputs at the back. Before turning on the device ensures the wirings are set up correctly. The input port of the controlling unit is the power supply from your workplace electricity.

On the other hand, check out the inputs and outputs of the laser gun. Ensure your CO₂ laser gun is at the zero references. And then check out the software. You can use EZCAD to operate your machine. Ensure that your device has installed the right driver for the CO₂ laser engraver machine. Compose your design and convert them into the computer. The tool will automatically detect what to do.

After all, do not forget to change the focal length of the laser gun. If your object is 20mm off the height, but the laser gun 20mm above the zero references. Don't forget to wear glasses and gloves while operating the machine. Finally, make sure you do not have any reflective materials besides your CO₂ laser engraver machine.

How to Maintain the CO₂ Laser Engraver Machine?

Maintenance is necessary for any device we use every day. If you can not maintain your tool, you can not deserve its long-lasting. By the way, we have listed the following maintenance for CO₂ laser engraver machine. Let's check it out.  

  1. Turn off the machine after the operation.
  2. Do not perform maintenance while it is turned on.
  3. Clean up the dust.
  4. If you feel any usual activity of the machine, cut off the power immediately.
  5. If you used your machine so long, your focus lens might be contaminated. Remember to change it before your next operation.
  6. Do put any reflective object beside the laser gun.
  7. Please do not put any object on the controlling unit, and it might hamper the cooling system of the system.