About HiSpeed Laser

Who Are We?
Dongguan Hispeed Laser Technology is a factory providing laser marking machine and laser technology support to customers in laser industry worldwide.

What We Do?
Manufacturing and Selling Fiber laser marking machine,CO2 laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine and more.

How we can help you?
To save cost on sourcing laser machines and spare parts.
To get the most suitable laser marking machine for your products.
To recommend you the best laser marking solution for your production line reliably and cost-effectively.

About Us

Mr.Lyu Yu has an impressive background in laser technology. In 2007-2016, he having previously worked for the largest laser company of China as an after-service engineer for five years and a sales engineer for three years.

In 2017, Yu Lyu founded this Hispeed Laser company specializing laser machines, aim to provide the perfect laser technical solution. His wealth of experience has allowed us to understand customer’s needs better and cater to them more effectively. With nearly 10 years’ development, now Hispeed Laser is a grow-up team, we have our sales team and after-service team to work for our customers.

Our machines have been exporting to more than 80 countries, mainly to European Countries, North American, South American, Middle East and Southeast Asia markets. We have a dedicated network of distributors from the UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, and more. Our laser marking machines come in three main variants: Fiber, UV and CO2 lasers , to satisfy different marking and engraving solutions and applications.

We are a small growing company, but we are doing great as we are enjoying a good reputation among our users.

Customer Testimonials

We just received this machine and are commissioning for delivery, very pleased with

the quality and contact to Jenny and Emily Laser Marking Machine Hispeed keep up

the good work many thanks.

—— Michiel Mirandolle, CEO, Belgium

We have already received a laser marking machine and started using it. The setup

was sorted quickly. So far, we like everything very much!

—— Ugeny Pekar, Engineer, Belarus

The machine is working very well. Thank you for the follow up. I am recommeding

your company to an associate of mine in Switzerland.

—— Bert Wilson, Owner, New Zealand

Very satisfied with your machine!We use it for engraving beads and various smaller

items.Quality of result is always very good!


We have to tell you something important:I am in the business for more than 30

years……but there were no better service like you and your team did….!!!! We all

appreciate your efforts…..Thank you for your fantastic relationship…!

—— Thomas Knoche,Germany

Your machine is perfect,Everyone want to see your machine.I am first in my region

who have High-level laser machine.

——Edvardas Pavilonis,CEO,Lithuania

We have received the unit and already done some test marking. Looks a very good

machine and very happy that we went with your company.

—— Adam Stent, MD, Australia

Machine is working fine. We are glad about our purchase.Everything is OK.

——Manuel Carabias,International Sales,Spain

Our Team


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