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UV Laser Marking Machine

UV laser marking machine is mainly used for fine marking, especially suitable for glass, plastic(PP, PVC, PET, PE, HDPE, ABS), jade, ceramics, and many other materials. UV laser marker outshines the traditional techniques, making up for various defects in the past, such as low processing accuracy and difficult drawing. In Hispeed, we will offer you high-quality UV laser engraving machines with power options of 3W,5W,8W,10W and customized laser marking process area.

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A UV laser marking machine is a device that can produce an ultraviolet laser beam to engrave the surface of the materials. UV Laser marker can also be called UV Laser engraver. We all are familiar with the diode. This ultraviolet ray comes from the UV laser diode based on Gallium Nitride – GaN. It emits the near UV laser wavelength.

Ultraviolet laser marking has properties of short wavelengths and small spots. A 355nm UV laser engraving machine adopts 355 nm lasers. In this case, It usually has the output power of 3W, 5W, 8W, and 10W. The UV marking area can be 100 x 100 mm or 150 x 150 mm. The machine typically needs 110v/220v of power supply. The repeating pulse rate usually is from 1 kHz to 30 kHz.

The ultraviolet laser marking machine has more advantages than any other UV laser machine. The advantages are:

  1. Low-cost consumption.
  2. Low maintenance cost.
  3. Very high-speed engraving.
  4. Durability and reliability are very high.
  5. Productivity and utilization of the work surface are high.
  6. Secure laser processing to automate.
  7. It Reduces labour costs.

The main disadvantage of using the UV laser marker is, that this machine is weak to engrave metals. There is selective metal on the UV laser engraving machine that still has much potential to be developed. Some analysts predict that the laser process will further develop. It will grow in the number of high demand cutting and engravings.

Ultraviolet laser marking machine is familiar with the term “photo etching” effects. High energized UV photons hit the surface of the materials and break the molecular bonds of materials. The “cold treatment” process technically does it. Finally, the operated parts have minimal carbonization and smooth edges.

Moreover, Ultraviolet Laser photons can be productively absorbed by most the materials. It has good focusing performances. Consequently, it can be perfectly machined in a small space area that has very high engraving value and wide applications chances.

According to layman’s term, In the presence of energy source, the working medium produces excited lasers to an excited state. In this situation, some photons stay at the lower energy level termed the metastable state. Here, the higher the energy implemented, the higher the energy level goes. In this case, the transition ( reverser direction of the exciting stage particle), the different media, and the atomic jump spectrum are also different and singular.

All of the lasers with different colours spectrum can be seen. The color spectrum of UV laser light is about 300nm. From these properties of light, it is more convenient to use photovoltaic glass and plastic materials for the UV laser marking.

While using UV laser engraving machine, we should start from the beginning because UV lasers are harmful to our body. Hence, we must do this with caution.


Before every operation, we must check whether our machine is properly set up or not. Usually, we have to choose a clean and unique place in a room. Normally, A UV laser marking machine contains a control unit which contains the energy source and the laser medium and a laser gun with a stand. The fiber cable is the bridge between the control unit and the laser gun. There is multiple wring system to connect the energy with the laser system. We should keep in mind that the fiber cables carry the photons. So, we must check it before every operation. Side by side, we can check the other wiring setup.

Software Function

EZCAD software for China UV laser marking machine is the most popular computer software. This platform is easy to operate and very friendly. We can convert our CAD file into this software for the marking. Or, if we can also make our design directly on this software. Before installing, we must ensure the laser UV marking machine driver is installed in your operating system. Usually, the guidelines are provided by the manufacturing companies.

Hardware Function

The hardware function is consist of two different units. One is the control unit, and another is the shooting unit. Control unit controls the shooting unit. When we start, we must ensure the control unit is successfully turned on.

The shooting unit has three essential parts. They are the UV laser gun, a stand with measurement scale and a working stage. We must check the 150 x 150 mm of the stage and ensure our gun is at zero references. Let’s say we are going to mark on a 25 mm of the workpiece. So, our focal length should go 25 mm higher than the zero references.


We know UV laser is not good for the human body. It helps to engrave materials. Besides this, UV laser light is also harmful to the eyes. Consequently, we must use protective glass. Moreover, we should not keep any reflective materials near the Laser gun.

UV laser marking machine is a very useful device we can get nowadays. This machine is not very cheap. So, we must maintain it for a longer period. Therefore we must follow some maintenance rule.

  1. Cut off the power after the operation.
  2. Do not perform maintenance when the device is on.
  3. If you feel any unusual activities, cut off the power.
  4. Clean up the dust.
  5. Be careful while removing or cleaning the focus lens.
  6. Do not put any other object on the machine.

Manufacturers have a growing demand that requires identification marks on their products to help their brands achieve tractability. The traditional marking method is usually ink printing, but this method can no longer meet the needs of today’s market, especially in the medical industry, ink marketing is easy to be clear, altered, or contaminated. Therefore, many manufacturers have chosen to use UV Laser Engraving machine for marking.

UV laser marking machines can easily identify product parts without using other physical tools to engrave the surface of the object. The working principle of the UV laser machine is: to focus the laser on the surface of the material and start the machine to mark easy-to-read marks without causing damage to the surfaces.

Here are the top 4 benefits of a UV laser marking machine:

Overall speed

As for traditional ink marking, printing equipment is often mechanically complex, requiring longer downtime for cleaning and maintenance. With UV laser marking, there is shorter downtime associated with cleaning or fixing for laser marking machines. And the overall marking process is simple and quick.

UV laser can be better absorbed by all applicative materials compared with other marking machines, plus with less power to produce a clear mark. UV laser marking machines can make a high-quality, high-contrast mark on the designated object with an even simpler process.

Maximizes authenticity

Easy-to-read marks produced from UV laser marking machine far outshines marks or labels from traditional printing equipment. UV laser marking machine adopts a high-quality laser that can release a high power on the smaller spot, leading to clear marks and seals on objects. That ensures the marks can not be altered or tampered with.

Minimize pollution

The traditional marking methods often utilize lubricants and solvents that can contaminate printed products and become contamination. In this way, traditional marking methods would not be acceptable. While, the UV laser marking machine does not directly contact the product, which enables the working process to be more clean and release less contamination.