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Hispeed Laser Technology Ltd. laser marking machine manufacturer was established to produce and supply laser marking machines and providing laser marking solutions.

Hispeed Lasers have exported to more than 60 countries of various industries and manufacturers worldwide,delivering highest quality laser marking machines with unsurpassed care and customer service.

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Fiber laser marking solution

There are two common types of fiber laser marking: fiber laser engraver and fiber laser marker. As one of the professional fiber laser manufacturers, we provide excellent fiber laser machines including fiber laser engraving machine and fiber laser marking machine. Our fiber laser marking machine can mark metal materials, such as alloy, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, silver, steel, iron, and some non-metal materials, like ABS, PVE, Makrolon.

CO2 laser marking solution

Co2 laser marking machine include galvo Co2 laser marking machine and dynamic Co2 laser marking machine. Both of them can be regarded as two different Co2 marking technology. This kind of laser marking machine is widely used to mark non-metallic materials, such as paper, leather, cloth, plexiglass, resin, acrylic, wool, rubber, ceramic, crystal, jade. It also can be used in the food packaging industry, such as food, and drug packaging, product identification and serial number. Some advertising signs also be made by Co2 laser marking machine.

UV laser marking solution

UV laser marking machine is commonly used to mark glass, charger, earphone, TFT, LCD, plasma screen, textile, thin ceramic, silicon, IC crystal oscillator, sapphire. It is also used in marking the industries such as, drug packaging, cosmetic, polymer like wire, bottle, box surface marking. We provide high-quality UV laser marking machine with affordable UV laser marking machine price.

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What is the laser marking ?

The term laser marking is a generic term. It stands for a collection of a broad of range of surfacing processing techniques, such as printing, hot-branding and laser bonding. In the course of laser marking, a focused beam of light will give permanent marks on the veneer of parts or materials. Plus, the marks won’t be worn away over the elapse of time.

Other than surface alternation, the technology laser marking also leads to the change in the color, which can be attributed to the chemical/molecular alteration, charring, foaming, melting, ablation, etc. The technique does not neither involve the use of inks, nor the use of tool bits which directly contact the materials surface and abrades over time. The laser marking arguably holds an advantage over alternative engraving or marking technology, in which inks or tool bits have to be replaced regularly.

What is laser marking used for?

The first laser marking machine came into life in the year 1965 when the laser marking machine only limits to the cutting. With the rapid hi-tech growth, more and more new functions have been developed.

At present, laser marking finds a broad applications in  industries, one of which is product labeling. To label product is often to achieve traceability; control quality; identify parts. Product labeling mainly comes in the following forms: data matrix codes, QR codes, and alphanumeric serial numbers. Generally speaking, the laser marking products will be labeled before the beginning of production, facilitating barcode readers to scan identifiers at following manufacturing steps.

To some extent, this makes real the laser marking products traceability, from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing process. Plus, the labeling contains  the important information particular to each part or component. That means, it is convenient to timely conduct adjustment once the occurrence of deviation from what was expected.

The technology laser marking also finds a wide applications in the automotive sector, metal processing, and manufacturing industries. Being widely applied, the technology laser marking brings many useful fruits to our daily life and production, such as laser marking steel, laser marking aluminum, laser marking metal, and laser marking plastic.

How does laser marking work?

Now, let’s have a look on how laser marking actually works. It’s important to note at the beginning that laser marking is a high-speed process of high precision. Laser marking works by means of a focused beam of light to give the mark on the material veneer. The light beam, essentially, is an atom that is stimulated to release particles of light. Contacting with the material’s surface, the beam will oxidize the laser marking area, bringing change on the color.

Generally, the majority of markings will turn black. Moreover, the laser marking also alter the material’s properties and appearance. The energy that is released is measured in wavelengths or nanometers ( NM ). The wavelength is proportional to the strength of laser beam. In other words, the higher the wavelength, the more powerful the laser beam.

How are laser marking machine dfferent from one another?

Laser marking machine is also known as the laser code machine, laser marker, and laser symbol machine. And now, let’s together have a closer look at the differences between the several laser markers.

At first, it comes CO2 laser marking machine. Currently, CO2 laser marking machine is usually equipped with the CO2 RF laser tube, whose service life can be up 50,000 hours. Generally, the marking speed of CO2 laser marker can reach 7,000 mm/s. CO2 laser marker is greatly suitable for marking on most non-metallic materials, i.e. paper packaging, plastic products, leather cloth, glass and ceramics.

Secondly,it comes the UV laser marking machine.UV-laser marking is especially appropriate for sensitive materials like silicone, because surface structures are only slightly affected. At the same time, its short wavelengths enable excellent marking results. Even for microtext(text height under 0.1 mm) a UV-laser can attain a line width of under 10 µm. On glass, a UV-laser can also provide filigree and brilliant marks of high quality. Drinking glasses or crystal watches keep their smooth surfaces, as a UV-laser produces micro cracks of much smaller dimensions as compared to for example a CO2-laser.

Thirdly,it comes the green laser marking machine.Green laser marking is designed to mark highly reflective materials or highly sensitive substrates like silicon wafers with ease and precision. They operate in the visible light spectrum at 532 nm (green color light).It’s perfect for softer plastics, PCB Boards, IC Chips and for scribing or marking of Solar Cells of various material compositions.

Last but not least, it comes the fiber laser marking machines. They are most suitable for high-contrast markings, such as the metal annealing, etching, and engraving. The extremely small focal diameter enables them to be the ideal choice for lasting marking of serial numbers, barcodes, and data matrix on metals. Fiber lasers find a wide applications on the product traceability ( direct part marking ) and identification applications.

Fiber laser includes pulsed laser and continuous-wave laser.

For the laser marking process,pulsed laser is the one.It releases the beam at a set rate. They’re ideal for laser marking applications, because they boast a higher making speed.

As to the continuous-wave laser,it continuously emit the laser beam. They are more adapted to other laser applications, like laser cutting, welding, and drilling.

What are the benefits of laser marking?

Laser is becoming a new method for most marking applications. Although it requires a higher initial investment than its alternatives, it provides a better return on investment. The satisfactory investment return is inseparable with the following benefits:

  1. In most cases, it’s the fastest marking solution. Looking at aluminum marking performances, it’s possible to create a high-contrast data matrix code in just 1.40 seconds.
  2. Laser marking is a traceability solution like no other. It offers near perfect readability rates, thanks to the high reliability of laser systems and to the high contrast of marked identifiers. It can also create marks that are truly permanent, capable of withstanding almost any surface treatment such as e-coating, heat treating.
  3. It can be used to create permanent marks on materials whose surface cannot be directly marked (like stainless steel) by creating a mark under the surface.
  4. Due to the high precision of laser marking, even very delicate graphics, 1-point fonts and very small geometries will become clearly discern. Meanwhile, marking with the laser ensures constant high-quality results.
  5. Laser marking is permanent and at the same time resistant to abrasion, heat and acids. Depending on the laser parameter settings, certain materials can also be marked without causing damages to the surface.
How much does a laser marking machine cost?

As one of the most important terms during a deal,price is always the most frequently asked question and is one of the most concerned issues.

Hispeed laser marking machines have several series,with difference specifications and configurations,so got different price ranges.

For example,

Fiber laser marking machine for metal materials,unit price starting from USD 2000,

CO2 laser marking machine for non-metal materials,unit price starting from USD 3000,

UV laser marking machine for plastic materials,unit price starting from USD 5000.

With knowing well of the customers applications and needs, Hispeed laser sales team will be able to provide sales advisories and recommend laser marking solutions.

Below are the information we need to know before offering you a best quote:

  1. The exact marking products and material
  2. The items size and the logo marking area
  3. Your import experience
This is my first acquaintance with this kind of machine, what kinds of laser marking machines should I choose?

With your detailed requirements,we will help you to choose the most suitable laser marking machine and provide you the best laser marking and engraving solution; that’s why we always ask questions ,so that we can learn more about the users’ marking needs.

Basic information such as the marking products and materials,marking area and if need deep engraving should be shared to us.

Applicable materials of different lasers are listed before for your reference:

Fiber laser:

All kinds of metal,alloy materials such as stainless steel,aluminum,copper,brass,zinc,

titanium,tungsten,gold,silver etc.,and some plastic materials such as PVC,ABS.

CO2 laser:

A variety of non-metallic materials,such as wood,bamboo,paper,acrylic,leather,cloth,

ceramics,plastic and rubber

UV laser:

Metal and non-metal materials,glass,silicone,plastic,plastic alloy etc.

When I received your laser marking machine, but I don’t know how to use it. What should I do?

Hispeed laser marking machine adopt the “plug and play” design, we will send operation video and manual with the machine together. Our technician will do training online from teamviewer/WhatsApp/Skype. If needed, we can send our engineer to your site for training or you can send the operator to our factory for training, both are Ok.

The training & technical support of Hispeed Laser is as below:

1.Machine manual  and Operation video will be provided with machine.

2.Software manual will be provided in softcopy.

3.Initial parameters in the software will be setup so the machine is “ready to use”.

4.Online technical support requests will be Response within 1 hours during working time,we will guide you by email ,telephone or video chat.

5.Actually this laser marking machine is quite simple on operation,most of our users can start to use the machine and learn well by themselves in short time.

6.Engineer online technical support is available,visa ,air tickets,accommodation and

local transportation fee will be on client’s side.(Appointment needed )


If some problems happen to this machine, what should I do?

Numerous feedback from our clients have proven that our laser machines are stable in performance with rare Breakdown,please be assured the purchase.

Besides,We Hispeed laser provide two years warranty for our top-quality machines. During the  warranty time, in case any problem, we will provide the parts free of charge (except for artificial damage or consumable parts). After the warranty, we still provide whole lifetime service. So, any doubts, just let us know, Hispeed Laser will give you the professional solutions.

Hispeed laser will handle as follows once Breakdown occurs:

  1. Hispeed guarantee that we will response within 3 hours during working time.(12 hours beyond working time)
  2. We will assist and guide you to analyze the Breakdown in order to locate the cause.
  3. If the Breakdown is caused by improper operation on software and other soft faults, we will help solve the problem online.
  4. If the Breakdown is caused by original faulty parts,we will replace the parts with free charge(within warranty period)
  5. We will offer plenty of online supports, just like detailed technical and installation instructions by telephone,video chat or online remote control by anydesk or teamviewer.
What’s consumables of your fiber laser marking machine?

Our laser marking machines don’t have the consumable and no need future maintenance. It’s very economical and cost effective, laser lifetime up to 100,000 hours(fiber laser), you only have the electricity cost for this machine in using.

What’s package type, will it protect the machine completely?

Hispeed laser machines will be packed in three layers package.

For the outside, we adopt the strong plywood case free of fumigation.

In the middle, the machine is covered by thick foam, to protect the machine from shaking. For the inside layer, the machine is covered by waterproof plastic film.


What’s delivery time?

Commonly, the lead time is within 5-7 working days after receiving the payment, for standard machine, we have the stock, the fastest lead time can be 3 day after receiving the payment.

What payment terms can you accept?

Any payment is possible for us, like T/T, L/C, Western Union, Master Card, Cash etc.

How is the shipping method?

As per your actual address, we can choose the machine’s shipment by sea, by air, by truck or railway. Also, we can send the machine to your office as per your requirement, it’s very flexible.

If I buy several sets of your laser marking machine, you will have discount?

Sure,the unit price depends on your purchase quantity, and we welcome you can be our distributor and sell our laser marking machines in your local market.

You can customize the laser marking machine depends on our requirements?

Of course, we Hispeed Laser not only a professional laser machine’s manufacturer, but also the laser solutions provider,we will talk with you untill we know your requirements well engough,then recommend you the existing workable machine model or we will help to make customized laser marking solution for you.

How to be our partners?

Hispeed is open for partner relationship.

Here are the three ways to cooperate with us:

(1) To Be Our Distributor in your Country or Local Market

You can represent Hispeed, to sell laser machine systems and parts in Hispeed Brand name  in your country and local market. We will give you strong full support to occupy and expand your country and local market’s share.

(2) OEM or ODM Service is acceptable

As a professional OEM factory and manufacturer,OEM or ODM service is acceptable to Hispeed laser with your own brand names or logo. Your brand names will be enhanced and enjoy a good reputation because of our machines’ excellent stability and reliability.

(3) Non-standard Customized Laser Solution

When standard laser machine systems can’t fulfill your or your customer’s manufacturer industries,we will provide customized laser solution for you. The special laser application maybe for fly online laser marking,curved surface laser engraving,auto feeding or any other auto requirements during manufacturing process.

We are ready to cooperation with you.

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