Best Ways to Ship Laser Marking Machines From China

When conducting a purchase order from China,shipping is always the one of the most important link.

Most of our long-term customers have their appointed forwarder or shipper,that’s mean we only need to offer a FOB price or even EXW price,and their shipper will handle the whole process.

However,recently we often got inquiries from many small or mid-sized customers,who are totally new to shipping a laser machine from China.

They may find articles talking about shipping goods from China on internet easily,but when it comes to ship laser marking machines from China,or other laser machines,this article will be a guide and will be best fit for them.

Basis knowledge about laser machine shipping

Whenever it comes to shipping, you need to know 2 things about your goods:

the WEIGHT and the VOLUME.

Take a standard table type laser marking machine for example,after packed into the wooden case,the weight is 135kgs,and the volume is 90x75x120cm,which means the volume weight is upto 162kgs.

162kgs is the charged weight if shipping by air,not the actual weight 135kgs.

Volume weight = Length x Width x Height (CM) / 5000

Ways to ship laser marking machine from China

Express delivery

  • Arrives in 3-6days
  • Express couriers are good when your package is <200Kg
  • We usually just use express courier to deliver mini laser marker and standard table type laser machine when order quantity is 1 set or 2 sets only
  • This is a door-to-door delivery, no paperwork needed
  • You also needto pay for import duty and handling fees when you pick up the laser machine
  • Express couriers includes DHL,Fedex,UPS or TNT

Air shipping

  • Arrives at your local airport in 4-7days
  • Air freight is recommended when your order is 200kgs-800kgs
  • You will need to pick up the laser machine by yourself in the airport
  • You also needto pay for import duty and handling fees when you pick up the laser machine

Sea shipping

  • Arrives in your specifiedport in 10-45 days
  • Ideal for laser machine ordersmore than 5sets
  • You need to pick up the laser machinein the port
  • You also have to pay for import dutyand handling fees when you pick up the laser machine

Railway transport

Customers from European countries,especially from eastern European countries,shipping by railway is quite a good option.

  • Arrives in 20-30days
  • Ideal for small order 1 sets or mass order 10 sets of laser machines
  • Import dutyand handling fees are usually included,no extra fees

You can use the link below to calculate your import duty,or remember the HS code of a laser marker:8456 1100,which is a necessary information when you check the custom duty.

for machine pick up and handling fees,you can also check with any of your local shipping agent.

How can I choose the best way to ship laser marking machines from China?

As mentioned, the above ways are all optional.

But, which is the best to choose depends on the below factors:

  • Machine size
  • Order quantity
  • Shipping budget
  • Expecting leadtime

Conclusion for ship laser marking machine from China

So this is some information about how to ship laser marking machine from China and something you need to know about laser machine basics and shipping terms.

If you shall have any question regarding this, please email to [email protected]

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