Metal Engraving Machine/ Laser Engraving Machine for Metal

Do you know how advanced the laser engraving machine for metal is now? At present, the engraving effect of the metal laser engraving machine will shock you. The laser engraving machine is suitable for engraving logos, text, clip art, and photos. Compared with a handheld metal laser engraving machine, it can perfectly engrave every tiny detail. This brings us to a question: What is a metal laser engraving machine? What can it do for you?

Another point is critical. Do you know how to use a metal laser engraving machine safely? In the following article, I will answer the above questions for you. I hope this article will help you to choose a suitable metal laser cutting machine.

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laser engraver for metal samples (1)
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The price of metal laser engraving machine

When buying a laser engraver for metal, the purchase price is significant. We have to choose a laser engraver for metal with high quality and low price as much as possible. The cost of the laser engraving machine ranges from US$1,000 to US$13,000. We can find that there is a significant gap in the price of different laser cutting machines.

The price of all laser engravers for metal is related to its specifications and functions if you do not have the ideal machine type. In other words, you still don’t know how to choose a suitable laser engraver for metal. Don’t worry, hispeed has professional staff. They will help determine the most suitable engraving machine according to their needs. You only need to contact us through various ways on our webpage. We will have professional staff to provide you with the best solution.


Machine parts production

Machines, automobiles, steel, and other industries will use laser engraving machines to print barcodes, serial numbers, or business logos on their products. This can facilitate customers to view the original information of the product. Laser engraver for metal can also prevent other imitations from entering the market. Use laser engraver for metal to leave permanent marks on various commodity machines. This can prevent wear and tear during use and the inability to view machine information.

Heavy metal industry

The heavy metal industry has high requirements for laser engravers for metal. Because it requires the engraving level of the engraving machine to be remarkably accurate, only laser engraver for metal can satisfy high-precision engraving. It can handle engraving details well.

Medical equipment industry

Laser engraver for metal can accurately engrave medical devices. It successfully solved many medical problems. For example, it can accurately measure medicines or impress the model of medical equipment.

Three types of laser engraving machine for metal

All types of laser engraving machines for the metal have different usage modes.

1. Laser engraving.

Suppose you want to engrave metal instantly. The engraving technology of laser engraving machines for metal is more conducive to operation.The laser engraver for the metal in this mode is very fast. Its carving depth is significant. At this time, the laser marking machine for metal requires a higher power laser beam. If you carve wood, glass, etc., you can use this carving method.

2. Laser marking.

Suppose you want to carve softer products such as plastic and leather. The laser marking function of the metal engraving machine will be more suitable. Laser marking requires lower power of the laser marking machine for metal. Its operation is relatively simpler. The laser marking machine for metal also generates less heat during the marking process.

3. laser etching metal.

Laser etching metal is very similar to the use of laser engraving metal. In the engraving process, the metal engraving machine adopts the release of heat to achieve the purpose of metal engraving. Laser etching metal is suitable for carving ceramics, concrete steel bars, crystals, and other products. It has a wide range of applications. Laser etching metal can also change the surface state of the metal when etching metal surface.

A laser engraving machine is a machine that uses numerical control technology as the basis and laser as the processing medium of engraving objects. The processing material will change instantly under the laser engraving irradiation to use laser engraving to achieve the processing purpose. We can use laser technology to engrave characters on objects.

The characters impressed by this technology have no nicks, the surface of the object is still smooth, and the writing will not wear out. Laser engraving machines come in various shapes and sizes and come in a variety of very different prices. It is widely used in heavy industry. Metal laser engraving machines are also partly used to process diamonds. The engraving accuracy of these laser cutting machines is very high.

We are a manufacturer that exports various types of engraving machines/marking machines all year round. The metal laser engraving machine produced is of good quality and advanced technology. All laser engraver for metal uses an advanced computer control system. This can help you save time and labor costs. There are many types of products in their home. Here, you will find a suitable laser engraver for metal.

Our metal engraving machine is of high quality and low price. Therefore, it has attracted many customers. In recent years, our metal laser engraving machines have been exported to more than 60 countries worldwide. All metal laser engraving machines have a protection system, which is safe and straightforward to operate.

There are many types of laser engravers for metal on the market. But how to choose the suitable engraving machine from it? When selecting a laser marking tool, some key parameters need to be considered: material type required marking quality, marking speed, and many other aspects. Therefore, I will select the main points from our professional knowledge to help you fully understand the metal laser engraving machine.

The metal laser engraving machine is not a very new technology and has not attracted public attention like 3D printers. However, they are still trendy. Next, I will take you to understand its use and advantages.

The use of metal engraving machine:

Trademark logo:

The metal laser engraving machine can produce various employee badges, various house plates, and signboards. It can also make seal carvings of different fonts and materials and use it for packaging box anti-counterfeiting signs, template making, and other more difficult productions.

Model making:

It uses its natural advantages to increase carving level, so it can use to make sand table models, house models, etc. The mold industry can also engrave button relief molds, injection molds, blow molds, stamping molds, glasses molds, etc.

Handicraft industry:

It can use for the fine carving of various jewelry and decorative products. It can also use it for cutting and engraving multiple plexiglass.

Wood carving:

This is the most common one of the most common laser processing materials. Because computer systems now control most metal laser engraving machines, they can better grasp wood carving depth. Therefore, we will use it in the design and production of relief patterns in the wood industry.

Advertising and gift production industry:

The engraving machine is used to carve all kinds of two-color plate signs, plexiglass, Vante’s stone doorplates, three-dimensional signboards, decorative gifts, lightbox tablets, two-color statues, embossed medals, wall-mounted lamp houses, light guide plate carvings, Lighthouse, organic board embossed three-dimensional door head, etc.

Packaging industry:

Due to the low cost of laser engraving on paper packaging materials, only a quarter of the resin plate’s worth, laser engraving is generally used as a corrugated box packaging printing plate in the current printing and packaging industry.

Clothing industry:

The use of laser engraving machines in the clothing industry has broken the traditional manual problems of slow speed, difficulty in typesetting, low efficiency, and severe material waste. Its fast speed and simple operation have brought great benefits to the development of the clothing industry.

Through the scope of application above, we can see that it has many advantages. In the wood industry, he is simpler and easier to operate than manual. Can cut any complex shape in process design. It has high efficiency and low cost. The computer system can directly design graphics and can cut laces of any shape and size. Metal laser engraving machine processing has no mechanical pressure on clothing, its operation is safer, and maintenance is simple.

The advantage of laser processing in the clothing industry is that it can quickly engrave and hollow out various patterns on various clothing materials’ surfaces. Since laser processing is a non-contact processing method, it will not cause any external deformation to the clothing fabric. It also has many advantages such as high carving precision, hollows out without burrs, and processed in any shape. At the same time, its service life is very high, with an average of 7000-100000 hours. So how to maximize the service life of the metal laser engraving machine? This is also tricky. Let me tell you how to maximize the service life of the metal laser.

To maximize the service life of metal laser engraving, we must maintain the engraving machine after use. This step is crucial, and you must remember Dita to perform daily inspections during the use of the engraving machine. In this way, can maximize the effect of a metal laser engraving machine.

  1. We must clean the engraving machine regularly every day to remove the debris on the engraving machine. Wipe the device regularly to prevent clogging with dust. We also need to spray lubricating oil on the rails regularly.
  2. Clear the waste in the collection box regularly because too much rubbish will block the air outlet and cause damage to the machine.
  3. Remember to clean the chiller regularly every half a month, drain the visceral water of the machine, and fill it with fresh, pure water;
  4. The reflector and focusing lens should be scrubbed with a special cleaning liquid every 6-8 hours. When cleaning, use a cotton swab, or cotton swab dipped in the cleaning fluid to scrub from the center of the focusing lens to the edge in a counterclockwise direction. At the same time, be careful to prevent scratches. Lens;
  5. The indoor environment will affect the life of the machine, especially in humid and dusty environments. It is easy to make the reflective lens rust and easy to cause circuit short circuit or laser discharge ignition in a humid climate.