Marking Complex Surfaces is Difficult? 3D Laser Marking Machine Can Achieve

What is 3D Laser Marking?

3D laser marking is a method of processing laser surface depressions. It uses light energy to cause chemical and physical changes in the surface material to “engrave” traces or burns. The purpose is to display graphics and text by utilizing the light energy to burn part of the material.

  1. 3D laser marking greatly reduces the requirements for the surface smoothness of the processing object, making the processing effect more colorful.
  2. This advancement in technology allows for more creative processing methods to emerge as the times require.
  3. In today’s processing and manufacturing industry, the production of irregular products has become common in order to meet specific customer needs.
  4. Additionally, some of these products have uneven surfaces, which can be effectively handled through 3D laser marking.
  5. At this time, ordinary laser marking machines will not work. In order to better marking, so many people choose 3D laser marking machine for processing.

How 3D laser marking works

3D laser marking is the use of high energy density laser to partially irradiate the workpiece to make the surface material vaporize or undergo a chemical reaction of discoloration, thereby leaving a permanent mark. 3D laser marking can mark various characters, symbols and patterns, etc., and the character size can even reach the micron level.

The laser beam used for laser marking is generated by a laser, undergoes a series of optical transmission and processing, and finally is focused by an optical lens, and then deflects the focused high-energy beam to a designated position on the surface of the processed object to form a permanent concave mark.

The traditional 2D laser marking adopts the post-focus method, which generally only allows plane marking within the specified range. The emergence of the new 3D laser marking machine has solved the long-term inherent defects of the 2D laser marking machine.


The working principle of candlelight imaging is to control and move the dynamic focusing mirror through software, and to expand the variable beam before laser focusing, so as to change the focal length of the laser beam and achieve precise surface focusing processing of objects at different heights.


3D laser marking


3D laser marking machine and 2D laser marking machine:

  1. The scope of application is different: Traditional 2D laser marking machines can only perform flat marking, while 3D laser marking machines can mark or engrave on 3D objects such as curved surfaces and irregular surfaces. Achieve a more three-dimensional and fine marking effect.
  2. The marking effect is different: 2D laser marking machine can only do monochrome outline marking; 3D laser marking machine can achieve richer patterns and effects, such as deep engraving, embossing, color filling, etc.
  3. Different processing efficiency: Traditional 2D laser marking machines are more suitable for batch processing of materials, and can only mark on one plane at a time. For marking with different depths and heights, it is necessary to switch the processing area multiple times, which takes a long time . The 3D laser marking machine can achieve continuous processing in three-dimensional space through height adjustment during the processing process, and the processing efficiency is higher.
  4. Different cost: Due to the technology, 3D laser markers are usually more expensive than 2D laser markers, so for customers who need higher accuracy and wider application, choosing 3D laser markers may be a better choice.


Advantages of 3D Laser Marking Machine:

  1. The 3D laser marking machine can achieve nanoscale precision, and can maintain high precision even when marking subtle curved surfaces, conical surfaces, spherical surfaces, etc.
  2. Fast marking speed and variable focal length.Realize three- dimensional marking, make the marking effect richer, and achieve higher marking accuracy and clarity.
  3. Use a computer to edit, easy to deform, and not limited by output. Greatly shorten the new product development cycle and reduce development costs.
  4. Stable performance, stable operation for a long time, and high reliability of work, almost no maintenance, making the production convenient and fast.





3D Laser Marking Machine Applicable Industry:

1. Auto machinery industry: steel sleeve, piston ring, engine, factory metal flexible paper plates, engine metal flexible paper plates, machine tools, etc.Applications

2. Electronic communications industry: the keyboard, electronic components, household appliances panel, fiber optic cable, cable, etc.

3.Hardware equipment industry: tools, measuring tool, cutting tool, sanitary ware, tableware, lock, knife cut, medical equipment, fitness equipment, stainless steel products, etc.

4.Buckle sign industry: buttons, bags buckle, belt buckle, gold and silver jewelry, signs, badges, attendance cards, greeting cards, calendars, photo cards, leather bags, belts, pens and pen boxes,awards, trophies, all kinds of certificates, collections, arts, stamps, tablets, etc.

5. Gauge glasses industry: metal case, the bottom of the table, glass frame, instrument panel, etc.

6. Wooden craft industry: wooden crafts, calligraphy and painting to copy and process table,furniture decoration, etc

7. Packaging bottle caps industry: tobacco, food, medicine, cosmetics and so packaging, metal bottle caps, cans, etc


How to Choose The Right 3D Laser Marking Machine?


  1. Consider the material you want to mark – Different materials react differently to laser marking. Ensure that the laser marking machine you choose is capable of marking the type of material you’ll be working with.
  2. Choose the right laser technology – Fiber, CO2, and UV lasers are the three main laser technologies used for marking. Each technology has its strengths and weaknesses, so pick the one that is best suited for your application.
  3. Think about the size of the work area – The size of the work area will determine the size of the parts you can mark. Choose a model with a work area that is large enough for your marking needs.
  4. Check the speed of the machine – The speed of the marking machine will determine how quickly you can complete your marking work. Ensure you pick a model that has a good working speed.



Overall, 3D laser marking is a powerful and flexible tool for permanent marking on a variety of materials and surfaces. With its advanced technology and ease of use, it is becoming an increasingly popular choice for manufacturers looking for high-quality and efficient marking solutions.


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