Brick Laser Marker and Laser Engraver from Hispeed Laser

Highspeed’s advanced CO2 laser engraving technology allows users to engrave on bricks, pavers, tiles, and various products.


Brick engraving machine for sale




60W or above powers are recommended for high-speed marking and engraving.

The machine is zero consumables and no maintenance, a lifetime of up to 50000 hours.

Engraved bricks and tiles are the perfect solutions for donor recognition and ongoing fundraising.

On clay, the laser is the preferred method




Because the laser beam melts the clay, producing a black mark. It is the iron, and red content, which makes the black color when the clay is melted.

The mark is much more challenging than the original clay and protects the paver from wear.

If the clay has little or no red color, sandblasting may be the preferred method instead of lasering.

There is also the option of lasering the clay paver twice or even three times to introduce color to the light mark of melted clay with tiny red, but with added expense.

Granite, marble, & concrete are best sandblasted. Laser is not a good option for its cost and efficiency.

After the sandblasting process, the mark is accented by adding litho chrome in various colors or grout fill.

Marble and granite can be lasered, but there are other methods for floor or horizontal applications.

Ceramic tiles can be lasered.

If you are in this industry, consider getting a brick engraver from Hispeed Laser.

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