Fiber Laser Sources: Fundamentals of most popular Fiber Lasers

Fiber laser sources for laser engraving are one of the revolutionary technologies in the world. It has contributed to many industries in different applications. Fiber laser sources are famous for marking, engraving, etching, and cutting. This technology is more efficient and durable than other types of laser sources. However, due to the ease of technology, many entrepreneurs are now manufacturing fiber lasers. As a result, choosing between these brands becomes challenging for buyers, especially beginners.

A suitable fiber laser source will give you the highest outcome from your application. Therefore, finding the best fiber laser sources for your laser machines is crucial. Keeping that importance in mind, we have prepared this article. It brings the top most popular fiber laser sources brands that you can consider. Each of the headings below highlights the specialty of the respective brand. It gives you a general idea of their technology and features.

What is a Fiber laser source?

A fiber laser source is a type of laser that uses optical fibers as its gain medium. This device uses rare-earth-doped fiber, such as erbium, ytterbium, or thulium-doped fiber. These rate-earth-doped fiber material act as the gain medium that amplifies light. Later, the device pumps this fiber with high-powered laser diodes, exciting the rare-earth ions and causing them to emit light.

Fiber laser sources are highly efficient, reliable, and compact. They pose many advantages over other types of lasers. One of the significant advantages of using fiber laser sources is that fiber lasers can produce the high power output. Its beam quality is excellent and can easily be integrated into various applications. These applications might include material processing, medical devices, and telecommunications.

Another significant advantage of using fiber sources is their efficiency. Fiber laser sources are incredibly efficient and capable of producing high-quality products. It ultimately increases the overall productivity of a production system. However, fiber laser sources can be expensive. Above all, it’s an excellent choice for laser machines.

Fiber lasers are popular in many applications. Laser cutting, welding, marking, engraving, and drilling of materials are noteworthy examples. It can process different materials, such as metals, plastics, and ceramics. However, fiber lasers, such as surgery, are also used in medical applications. In telecommunications, fiber lasers contribute to high-speed data transmission over optical fibers.

Top Most Popular Fiber Laser source Brands

The following list brings the world’s most popular fiber laser source brands. HiSpeed Laser uses some of these brands for their fiber laser engraver machines. However, each brand below has a general description, benefits, and limitations. You can choose between these brands based on your budget or application type.

#1 Raycus

fiber laser sources

Raycus is one of the world’s most popular fiber laser source brands. It is cheap and comes with excellent performance. Most fiber laser manufacturers use this brand to produce cost-effective, high-performance machines. Raycus started its journey in 2007 and is headquartered in Wuhuan, China. They involve in research and development to enhance the production of high-power lasers and core devices.

However, Raycus produces fiber laser sources ranging from 200W to 10,000W continuous fiber lasers and 10W to 100W pulsed fiber lasers.


  • Best budgeted option for laser engraver machines
  • High-quality and reliable products compared to the price
  • Raycus offers a customized solution


  • Less warranty than other fiber laser sources


#2 JPT

Another dominating brand in the world’s optical market is JPT. JPT Opto-electronics Company started its journey in 2006. They are headquartered in Shenzhen, China. This brand is also one of the cost-effective fiber laser sources. As a result, many fiber laser manufacturers use this brand for their machines.

However, JPT fiber laser sources power ranges from 200W to 12000W. Besides CW fiber lasers, they manufacture various MOPA fiber lasers, DPSS lasers, and laser diodes. This fiber laser brand is famous for its excellent quality, engraving, and stability.


  • JPT fiber laser sources come with compact size and high-power fiber lasers.
  • This company offers a wide range of laser marking systems


  • JPT doesn’t provide customized solutions for its customers.


#3 MAX

Our next best pick is MAX, which started manufacturing high-quality fiber laser sources in 2004. They are also headquartered in Shenzhen, China. MAX CW fiber lasers range from 500W to 40,000W. Besides CW fiber lasers, MAX also manufactures pulsed fiber lasers, QCW fiber lasers, and diode lasers. They also produce laser welding machines using their customized tools and devices.

Max fiber laser sources are especially suitable for cutting, welding, marking, and engraving. Besides, it is also prevalent in 3D printing and surface treatment.


  • Max fiber laser sources are high-quality and efficient.
  • This manufacturer also offers various laser marking systems and cutting machines.
  • Cost-effective solutions.
  • Highly suitable to high-power applications


  • Not ideal for low-power applications

#4 Super fiber laser device

fiber laser sources

HiSpeed Laser’s next best choice is Super laser technology from Shenzhen Super Laser Technology Co., Ltd. Super fiber lasers are also famous as Lianpin fiber lasers. This company offers various laser devices, such as MOPA fiber lasers and single-mode and pulsed fiber lasers. Moreover, it also provides end pump lasers, gem-cutting lasers, and medical beauty lasers.


  • Relatively cheaper than other brands
  • High quality compared to the price
  • Offers customized solution


  • Limited brand recognition
  • It may not be as advanced or versatile as some other brands.
  • Challenging to navigate products pages
  • Not suitable for high-power applications

#5 IPG Photonics

IPG Photonics is one of the leading fiber laser manufacturers worldwide. This company started its journey in 1990, located in Oxford, Massachusetts. They specialize in manufacturing various laser systems. Fiber laser sources are one of the primary products of this manufacturer. IPG Photonics fiber laser sources are reliable and versatile. They offer laser powers from mW to 100 kW from UV to Mid-IR, CW, and pulsed lasers. Besides, IPG photonics also supplies various laser components to many industries, such as medical OEMs.


  • One of the most popular global brands
  • Fiber lasers are versatile and reliable
  • High-quality and compact size


  • High price compared to other competitors

#6 Coherent

fiber laser sources

Coherent started manufacturing photonics devices in 1966, located in Santa Clara, California. They are now one of the world’s leading fiber laser manufacturers and innovators. Coherent fiber laser sources are excellent right after IPG photonics. These fiber lasers are efficient and versatile.

Coherent offers a wide range of laser products. Fiber lasers, CO2 Lasers, diode lasers, and solid-state lasers are noteworthy examples. Fiber laser source power typically ranges from 1.5KW to 10KW.


  • Produce a wide range of laser systems
  • Coherent fiber laser sources are high-quality and reliable products
  • This company also offers customized solutions


  • Expensive compared to other models
  • Relatively more giant
  • Limited collection of fiber laser sources
  • Not suitable for low power applications

#7 nLight lasers

Our next best pick is nLight, founded in 2000 in Vancouver, Washington, USA. It is a leading manufacturer of innovative laser technologies and products. However, Fiber laser sources are their primary products. They manufacture and supply both industrial and medical fiber laser sources. They also contribute to the aerospace and defense industries. The nLight Industrial fiber laser’s power ranges from 500W to 20kW.


  • Provided advanced technology for better performance and efficiency
  • The product’s finishing is excellent and comes with unique features


  • Limited collection of fiber lasers
  • nLight fiber laser sources are not suitable for low-power applications
  • Relatively expensive than Chinese brands
  • Challenging to navigate products pages


#8 SPI lasers or TRUMF lasers

fiber laser sources

SPI, or Spectra Physics Incorporation, became a part of TRUMF Group in 2008. SPI or TRUMF lasers are among the leading fiber laser manufacturers and innovators. However, TRUMF offers various machines & systems, laser devices, VCSEl solutions, and power tools. Regarding laser devices, TRUMF manufactures all types of laser sources. Fiber laser sources are one of the primary products of this company. However, from 200W to 20kW, you can choose different fiber laser sources from their collection.


  • SPI laser or TRUMF provides a wide range of laser systems.
  • High-quality and reliable products


  • Higher pricing compared to some competitors

#9 Jenoptik

This brand is a globally operating technology group. Jenoptik started their journey in 1991, located in Jena, Germany. Like TRUMF, they also offer various optical products. Laser and laser technology is one of the primary focuses of this company. Jenoptik fiber laser sources are efficient and reliable.


  • High-quality products come with excellent finishing.
  • Jenoptik fiber lasers are efficient and productive.



  • Challenging to navigate product pages
  • Relatively expensive than other brands

#10 Feibo Laser

fiber laser sources

Our last best pick in this list is Feibo Laser. It is also a Chinese manufacturer which offers cost-effective solutions for laser industries. They provide various laser systems and components for different industries. Feibo fiber lasers are suitable for metal cutting, welding, or precision machining.


  • Another budgeted option for high-quality fiber lasers
  • This brand also offers various laser systems


  • Limited brand recognition

Expert Advice

Choosing the best fiber laser source for your application is a crucial step. It depends on several factors. However, follow the steps below to find a suitable fiber laser source for your required application.

  1. Define your application requirements
  2. Consider the laser wavelength
  3. Evaluate the fiber laser source’s power and pulse duration
  4. Check the beam quality
  5. Check compatibility with accessories
  6. Limit your budget.

Following these steps, you can easily find the appropriate laser device for your laser machine. It is important to note that consulting with a laser expert or supplier can also help you choose the best fiber laser sources for your application. Regarding this, HiSpeed laser is a leading manufacturer of various laser machines. This company keeps one of the best teams of laser experts. You can consult them to find the most appropriate choice.

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