Laser Engraving Materials

By means of a laser engraving machine, design something special and apply your idea into reality with applicable laser engraving materials. Once you have got your idea for laser engraving, we can offer you so many choices when it concerns what materials can be engraved. Though the wood laser engraving machine is common on the market, wood isn’t the mere material you can engrave. As a matter of fact, there are many laser engraving materials. No matter it’s hard, soft or even food like apple, Hispeed laser engraving machine can engrave and leave a permanent and clear mark on the surface.

As a modern precision processing method, laser engraving technology has peerless advantages compared with traditional engraving solutions, such as silkscreen printing, inkjet printing, mechanical engraving, chemical etching or milling, and EDM processing.

The advantages of laser engraving technology include wide application, fast speed, high precision and non-pollution, etc. It requires no drying time, ink and other physical tools. Hispeed laser engraving machine will leave a permanent and easy-to-read mark on the surface of the designated object. That will give your object a special texture and touch, making it more recognizable. So keep reading to learn more detailed information about the rich laser engraving materials available.

Which materials can be engraved by Hispeed Laser engraving machine?

Actually, the laser engraving machine can be widely used in various materials, including aluminum, steel, brass, plywood, cork, paper, glass, plastic, acrylic, ceramics & clothing, etc. Let’s see one by one for the laser engraving materials in detail.

1. Laser Engraving Wood

Given its natural texture and exquisite look, wood is one of the most popular laser engraving materials.For beginners or even professionals, wood will be the first option as laser engraving materials. There are two common laser engraving schemes: first, engrave target wood into parts and assemble them to a new object; Second, engrave some creative patterns on the surface of the wood as ornaments or showpieces.

Most types of wood can be used as laser engraving materials, including plywood, medium-density fibreboard(MDF), hardwood, bamboo, etc. If you want a good laser engraving pattern, the thinner the wood for laser engraving, the better. MDF and plywood are the most popular laser engraving materials with favorable prices and multifunctional characteristics. And don’t forget bamboo, which is also a great environmentally-friendly option.

Under normal conditions, we will recommend you adopt MDF or plywood as laser engraving materials at first, then engrave a relative expensive wood, like teak.

2. Laser Engraving Plastic

Laser engraving on plastic can offer numerous solutions to extended your production line. Plastics are commonly used as laser engraving materials, and there are many solutions available for you to engrave on it. For instance, you can utilize a fiber laser engraving machine or CO2 laser engraving machine to create clear and permanent marks on the surface of many types of plastic, including Polyamide (PA), Polycarbonate (PC), Polyethylene (PE), Acrylic, etc. As ideal laser engraving materials, plastics are suitable for making ornaments, signs and some other decorations. Like wood, you can engrave different thickness of plastics to create desired artworks.

3. Laser Engraving Metal

Compared to wood and plastic, laser engraving metal may be a little difficult, but there are still many types of metal that can be engraved. The common laser engraving materials include stainless steel, aluminum, copper, coated metals and alloyed metals, etc. Laser engraving metals can leave amazing marks on the surface without damaging the surface structure. Whether it is a logo, company name or text slogan, a laser engraving machine can easily help you achieve it. Laser engraving metals can also be used as high-end gifts, pendants and car signs and other products. With a Hispeed laser engraving machine, what you get will beyond your expectations!

4. Laser Engraving Glass

Laser engraving glass is too often heard in many custom areas. Glass is an easy-to-operate material to engrave because of its fragile nature.

Laser engraving on glass can create an amazing matte effect. Very complex patterns and text can be engraved on the glass as logos, product introduction, photos, etc. Common applications include wine glasses, champagne, beer glasses, mirrors, window glasses, and so on. Customized laser engraving glasses will make unique and memorable gifts for you.

Hispeed laser engraving machine can help you create a wonderful pattern on your glass products. If you are specialized in laser engraving technology, you can make almost every creative idea into reality. As a matter of fact, laser engraving glass is an easy process. It is an effective solution for you to make your glass bottles, windows and mirrors popular among your competitors. In addition, the effect of laser engraving glass depends on the glass types to be engraved.

A little advice on laser engraving glass: for glass and Yttrium aluminum garnet, engraving by UV laser can reach a good result without damage the materials itself, 5 watts power or above is recommended so that can engrave efficiently. The marking characters can be as small and 0.5×0.5mm, fine visible.

5. Laser Engraving Paper

Laser engraving paper is a common type in the engraving industry. With the help of laser engraving technology, you can take all your packaging or stationery to a new level. Since almost all engraving effects can be achieved on paper, a variety of products can be personalized from invitations, postcards, to exquisite artworks. Common applications include bulletin boards, business cards, invitations, packaging boxes, school office supplies, handicrafts, etc.

However, choose the right laser engraving machine for the right processing is quite important. Generally speaking, paper card, Christmas card, wedding card, these are usually with gorgeous pattern and design, and the paper material thickness won’t be too thin, around 300gsm, therefore, higher CO2 power is required,60W,100W,150W, depends on the working area and how fast you are looking for. As to leather, yes, CO2 laser engraving machine is what you need.

6. Cork

Corks are made from various raw materials, but the CO2 laser engraving machine will always help.
With a fly online laser build with CO2 laser, corks can be marked with excellent logos to make your wine bottles and wines more impressive.

7. Marble

Engraving on marble surface with depth by laser requests a CO2 laser, higher power, shorter time, deeper engraving.

8. Foam Core

Choosing laser for foam core engraving will definitely save time, and easy to engrave into any pattern without a molding fee.

Get a laser from Hispeed Laser to do your laser engraving materials job!

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