Thunder Laser Nova 35 vs HiSpeed 80/100W Laser Cutter

Are you looking for a laser-cutting machine? You may have found many options but don’t know which would be better for your job. Don’t worry! We have got you. In the laser market 2024, Thunder Laser Nova 35 and HiSpeed 4060 CO2 laser cutters have become the most popular models. People often look for the best solutions. If you are one of them, this article can greatly help you.

What is HiSpeed 4060 CO2 Laser Cutting Machine (80W/100W)

The HiSpeed 4060 CO2 laser cutting machine is also a popular device worldwide. It is a versatile tool for precision cutting and engraving on various materials. You can work with almost all types of solid materials.

As the name suggests, these laser devices are fast and efficient. They are also the most affordable option. However, they come with multiple specs, making them suitable for all-scale production.

hispeed laser 100W laser cutter

HiSpeed Laser Tech is a leading manufacturer of laser devices. Here, you can find all types of laser devices: marking, engraving, cutting, welding, and cleaning. This company gives you more options when you look for a laser-cutting machine. They manufacture both fiber and CO2 laser-cutting machines. Despite this, they offer higher-power laser machines with a wider working area. So, based on your requirements, you can choose the best option.

What is Thunder Laser Nova 35 (80W/ 100W)

The Thunder Laser Nova 35 is a popular model known for its reliability and quality. This versatile device works on all types of materials. Although it cannot cut stainless steel, painted or anodized metal, brass, or many other metals. However, this machine is a suitable option for non-metals.

thunder laser nova 35

Nova 35 usually comes with two laser power options: 80W and 100W. It uses a CO2 glass tube laser type. Its average lifespan is 2000 to 4000 working hours. This device is typically famous for its precision and efficiency in handling various materials.

Thunder Laser is also a renowned manufacturer of various laser devices. You can get three major types: marking, engraving, and cutting. They give you minimal options to choose from. Therefore, sometimes, you may not get the most appropriate types for your project.

Thunder Laser Nova 35 vs HiSpeed Laser 80/100W Laser Cutter: Which is Better?

Thunder Laser Nova 35 and HiSpeed Laser 80W 100W laser cutter give you the same specs. When comparing their performance, they both are great for many projects. However, they still have some differences. Let’s check them out.

Thunder Laser Nova 35 vs HiSpeed Laser 80/100W Laser Cutter: Laser Power & Working Hours

The Thunder Nova 35 and HiSpeed 4060 100-watt laser engrave use the same CO2 glass tube laser. They are both famous for their efficiency and versatility. They can cut a wide range of materials up to 10mm thick. Moreover, these models offer both 80W and 100W laser power.

You will be surprised to see the differences regarding working hours. Nova 35 Thunder Laser Cutters offer 2000 to 4000 working hours. On the other hand, 4060 HiSpeed Laser cutters provide a 100,000 lifespan. Because of this, 4060 HiSpeed CO2 100-watt laser cutters are suitable for frequent and long-term use.

Thunder Laser Nova 35 vs HiSpeed Laser 80/100W Laser Cutter: Working Area

The Nova 35 Thunder Laser cutter gives you a fixed working area of 600 x 900 mm. On the other hand, the 4060 HiSpeed laser cutter gives you more options. You can choose between 500 x 300 mm, 400 x 600 mm, 500 x 700 mm, and 600 x 900 mm.

Thunder Laser Nova 35 is suitable for large-scale cutting tasks. However, the HiSpeed 4060 100-watt laser cutter is versatile and ideal for all cutting tasks. This model usually lets you choose the best fit for your project size.

Thunder Laser Nova 35 vs HiSpeed Laser 80/100W Laser Cutter: Cutting & Engraving Speed

Thunder Laser Nova 35 and HiSpeed Laser 80/ 100W laser cutters vary in cutting and engraving speed. The Nova 35 Thunder Laser cutter offers speeds up to 300mm/s. On the other hand, HiSpeed Laser gives speeds up to 400mm/s. Both models provide engraving speeds of up to 1000mm/s.

Why does engraving speed matter? Faster speed means more production and generally allows for quicker material processing. In this case, the HiSpeed 100-watt laser cutter is the most efficient. You can also consider Nova 35 since it offers nearly the same speed as the HiSpeed Laser.

Thunder Laser Nova 35 vs HiSpeed Laser 80/100W Laser Cutter: Efficiency & Quality

Considering the quality, Thunder Laser Nova 35 and HiSpeed 4060 80W 100W laser engravers offer the same output. They both create high-quality cuts and engravings. The smooth edges with fewer HAZ zones are two of their primary benefits.

However, concerning efficiency, High-Speed Laser cutting offers a better solution. As you know, Thunder Laser offers 100,000 working hours of the CO2 glass tube laser. Besides, it also works faster. Moreover, high-speed lasers are affordable and need no consumables. Over time, they will also require less maintenance.

When you balance all these with the final production, you will find that the HiSpeed laser is the most efficient. Therefore, these laser cutters are ideal for larger projects and industrial use.

Thunder Laser Nova 35 vs HiSpeed Laser 80/100W Laser Cutter: Cost & Maintenance

The Thunder Laser Nova 35 is generally more expensive than the HiSpeed Laser 80W or 100W. Despite the cost difference, both laser cutters need less maintenance. As a result, both devices reduce the overall operating cost, eventually leading to less downtime and fewer repair costs.

When choosing between these models, you must consider the initial investment versus ongoing costs. TOC stands for total ownership costs, including initial and ongoing costs. So, the HiSpeed Laser 100W laser engraver offers less TOC than the Nova 35.

Why choose HiSpeed Laser 80W or 100W laser cutters?

First, they offer the same quality and features as other popular models. What makes this model unique is its laser tube lifespan. A 4060 HiSpeed Laser cutter offers 10,000 working hours. Because of this, you can extend the lifespan of your laser tube, eventually reducing the overall production cost.

Moreover, the HiSpeed Laser cutter offers high-speed solutions and various working area options. This model also comes at the best price. So, when combined with all the features and benefits, the HiSpeed Laser 80W or 100W laser engraver is the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is Better, Fiber Laser or CO2 Laser?

When you choose between fiber and CO2 lasers, the correct type depends on your specific use. You may find fiber laser cutters suitable for cutting metals. For example, if you cut a 1mm thick SS plate, a fiber laser can technically cut six times faster than CO2 lasers. However, its short wavelength also has a downside. When cutting non-metals, the absorption rate cannot be controlled. As a result, people find abnormal cutting or burns around the cut. In these situations, CO2 lasers are the best option.

What Can A 100-Watt Laser Cutter Cut?

A 100-watt laser cutter is a versatile solution. You can cut a wide range of materials using this spec. However, the suitability may vary in laser types. For example, fiber lasers are suitable for cutting metals. On the other hand, CO2 laser cutters offer the best results for non-metals. A 100-watt laser cutter can make a wide range of products. You can create signage, photos, logos, decoration items, and more.

How Thick Can A 100-Watt Laser Cut?

A 100-watt CO2 laser cutter can cut both metals and non-metals. For metals, CO2 lasers can cut up to 6mm. On the other hand, 100-watt fiber laser cutters can up to 10mm metal plates. However, fiber and CO2 laser cutters can cut non-metals up to 10mm. The exact depth depends on different materials. A CO2 laser can work with wood, acrylic, leather, fabrics, paper, cardboard, plastics, etc.


The HiSpeed Laser 80-wat or 100-watt laser cutter and Thunder Laser Nova 35 usually offer the same specs. But if you check their specifications, you can see their main differences. Generally, a 4060 100W laser cutting machine offers the best price. You can also choose from different cutting areas.

When choosing between these models, you must first assess your project requirements. What working area do you need? What is your expected production rate? What is your budget? What do other users say about these models? By combining all the answers, you can find the best solution. Let’s check the following table to have a glimpse of the differences.

Features Thunder Laser Nova 35 HiSpeed Laser 80/100W laser cutter
Laser Power CO2 glass tube Laser CO2 Glass Tube Laser
Working Hours 2000 to 4000 hours 100,000 long hours lifespan
Power Option 80W and 100W 80W and 100W
Work Area Options 600 x 900 mm 500 x 300, 400 x 600, 500 x 700 and

600 x 900 mm

Cutting Speed 1mm/s to 300mm/s 1mm/s to 400mm/s
Engraving Speed 1mm/s to 1000mm/s 1mm/s to 1000mm/s
Software Easy to operate, supports all laser software, like Light Burn, Laser GRBL Same as Thunder Laser Nova 35
Cost Higher cost compared to the spec Market competitive price, affordable range


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