Can You Cut Silver With a Laser Cutter

Silver is one of the common jewelry materials nowadays. Customers like it since it is affordable and does not tarnish readily. But silver is also a problematic metal material to cut. So we are trying to choose a laser cutting machine for silver with more than 500 W. So how to choose a suitable laser cutting machine for our business?

How to use a laser cutter machine to cut silver?

Silver is an excellent conductor of heat. You can choose a laser cutting machine for silver with 800W or more, which will easily cut silver. Other metals and jewels can also be cut with this equipment. If you need to engrave for a long time, you can also choose the industrial silver laser engraving machine.

What types of metals can be laser cut?

All metals and jewelry, precious and non-precious, can be laser cut. Most of the SILVER laser marking machines can easily cut up to 2mm thickness. You can use them for inscriptions, dog tags, rings, necklaces, etc.
Different metal properties use different laser cutting processes, including the metals we commonly see.

  1. Gold: Easier to cut because gold is relatively soft while having good thermal conductivity.
  2. Silver: Silver is characterized by retaining the heat from the laser, which can make the cutting process more difficult. We need to choose a bracket or other equipment specifically for heat dissipation. This will prevent the laser cutting machine for silver from bending during the process.
  3. Stainless steel: The gold and silver laser engraving machine works at a fast cutting speed to cut stainless steel. This will ensure that the stainless steel cutting process does not appear in the secondary welding. Because stainless steel will splash if the laser moves too slowly, and the degree of splash will be more serious.

Common problems when laser cutting silver

Silver will inevitably have problems during engraving or cutting as a heat-absorbing metal. If we don’t handle it correctly, it could result in significant financial loss as well as personal injury.

Laser head

Sometimes there may be no laser emission from the laser tube. We need to check whether the laser is connected to the power supply. And also, check to see if the wire is loose or broken. If not, you must determine whether the laser tube is malfunctioning. If it is defective, you need to replace the laser tube with a new one.

Material waste

There will be some material loss in the laser cutting and engraving process. We must first check whether the cutting table is correctly positioned to avoid material waste.

Engraving distortion

Of course, many factors cause engraving or cutting distortion. An unaligned laser ray path may cause this. We need to adjust the laser light path. If the pulley is badly worn, replace it with a new one. Or poor contact with the memory card can also cause engraving distortion. This is because we need to re-install and replace the memory card.

Insufficient cutting/engraving depth

The user should adjust the output power using the control panel if the laser’s output power is too low. You should modify the software to slow down the cutting or engraving if it goes too quickly.

Cutting Speed

To lessen the possibility of the process cutting out, the maximum feed rate that it can handle is lowered by about 10% to 15%. Thus, a high level of beam energy is applied to the material with the highest reflectivity.

Focus position

The focal point position is selected for cutting and piercing as close to the top surface as the cut quality permits. By doing this, the amount of surface material that first interacts with the beam is reduced. This maximizes the power density of the shaft and thus speeds up the melting rate.

Types of laser cutting machines for silver

Mini Laser Engraving Machine for silver

Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine can mark logo, character, serial number, bar code, data matrix on both metals and some non-metals. It does not have consumable. It’s very cost effective. It boasts fast marking speed and high marking precision. It’s widely used and well accepted in prevailing international market.

Technical specifications




20W 30W 50W



Beam Quality


Output Power

10%-100%(continuously to be adjusted)

Output Frequency

20KHz-100KHz(continuously to be adjusted)

Power Stability(8h)


Focus Spot Diameter


Engraving Range

110*110mm,175*175mm ,200*200mm

Engraving Depth


Engraving Speed

800 standard characters/second

Minimum Line Width


Minimum Character


Repeated Accuracy


System Operation


Cooling Mode

Air Cooling

Environment Temperature


Environment Humidity


Power Requirement


Life of Laser Module


Precision UV Laser Cutting Machine


This laser engraving machine for silver is a specialized cutting tool created using CNC and laser technology. It features a consistent laser power, an excellent beam pattern, high peak power, low cost, safety and stability, and ease of operation.

Device model SL-FC4540-NU15
Laser source UV 15w/20w/30w (optional nanosecond or picosecond)
Equipment station Single optical path single station Single optical path double station Double optical path double station
Scan range 54mm* 54mm (customizable)
Processing range 650mm*550mm/350mm*500mm (customizable)
Precise positioning 土3μm 土3μm 土3μm
Repeat accuracy 士2μm 士2μm 土2μm
Depth control ≤5μm ≤5μm ≤5μm

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for silver


The compact laser engraving machine for silver with full protection a small laser metal cutting device is the HSFC-3550. It has a fiber laser unit with a 750w to 1.5kw laser power range.
In comparison to conventional CO2, YAG, water jet, and plasma lasers, fiber lasers have clear advantages such as high beam quality, high photoelectric efficiency, dependability, and maintenance-free operation.

Pulse frequency 1-5000HZ
Cutting area 350*500mm
Max. idle speed 30m/min
Max. cut speed 25m/min(depends on materials)
Cutting thickness 3mm
Repeatability 0.02mm
Aiming method Red light
Cooling method Water cooling
Gross power 5KW
Drive method Imported servo motor/driver
Transmission Imported ball screw
Power 220V 50HZ
Work temperature 0-45°C
Work humidity 5%-95%( No condensation)
Control system Shanghai Cypcut

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