Take 10 Minutes to Learn 3D Laser Engraving

Technology is always one of the most-controversial topics these days and technology is the only platform, which has changed overall world. It has also changed the way of thinking and has also impacted the way of working too. While talking about the laser tasks, then there are many tasks that are involved in this, that are inkjet marking, electrochemical etching, dot pen marking, and many more.

Depending upon the type of output that a person needs to have, it is all divided into 2D forms as well as 3D. They are the ones, which is responsible for the speedy and accurate laser services. But still, there are many things that you need to understand while opting for laser engraving and here in this post, we will share all about it in detail.

Laser Cutting Machine

What is the difference between 2d and 3d engraving?

We believe that before moving to the actual topic, you need to understand what is the difference between 2d and 3d laser engraving. Laser is a huge Word and it is all different from its selection of wavelength and the list of the application for which it is used.

2D and 3D laser engraving methods are different from each other in terms of dimensions. The 2d engraving method consists of two dimensions which are X and Y, whereas the 3d engraving method is all available in three dimensions which include X, Y, and Z. In the case of 3d engraving, it offers better rotation and design to the regular looking laser engraving method.

How to do 3d laser engraving?

While talking about the 3d laser engraving, then it is the method that is all used for engraving logos, designs, portraits, and many more things. The 3d engraving machine is the ones, which are mainly used over the lighter as well as darker areas. The dark patches available on the material requires maximum power.

Here we are going to share all the process, which is used to do 3d laser engraving that you need to understand while you want to gather all the information about laser engraving.

The method of 3d laser engraving is all different from all its inputs. It is a time-consuming process, but once it gets started then everything will go smoothly. The 3d laser is all made with 3d modeling software, which all eases the process of 3d laser engraving.

Design Drafting

The process of 3d laser engraving starts with the process of design drafting. After the design gets finalized on the software, then the laser starts working. It is all done after the process of 3d coordination.

Power Adjustment

As we know that 3d laser graving machine work on its own, and the power between the machine decreases when the image is darker and it goes on increasing when the image is lighter. The 3D laser consumes the substrate material to make an etching. On account of profound inscriptions, the power result of the machine is to be set higher. However, if the etching isn’t that profound, the power yield is brought down. This is finished by the actual machine.

You simply need to take care of the plan, let the laser do its occupation while you sit back in harmony. Additionally, the substrate material would require your consideration too. After you are finished with the etching, you should eliminate all the consumed material.

Notwithstanding, how much garbage differs with the kind of material. One specific model is wood which delivers a ton of wastage in the type of oil when it is presented to high power yield laser radiates.

How does the 3d fiber laser engraving machine work?

The method of laser engraving is the same as that of the other engraving methods. It is all same of that as the manual and automatic engraving methods. The normal-looking 3d fiber laser engraving machine works the same as that of the mechanical methods and even it all work on extremely hard substances like Diamond. But on the other hand, the 3d laser crystal engraving work on the laser or thermal energy.

These are the types of 3d engraving machines, which offer completely accurate and speedy results. The laser engraving method is the best option as compared to the other traditional methods.

What are the different uses of 3D Laser engraving?

Now, coming to what are the different uses of 3D laser engraving or what are the different uses that make normal-looking 3d laser engraving machines so special. Today, here we are going to share all the things about it in detail.

Offers a better engraving effect

The 3d laser engraving machines offer an effect to the larger areas as well. The lens available in the 3d fiber laser engraving machineis around 500X500 and it goes on increasing from this. On the other hand, in the case of 2d Laser engraving, it is only 300 by 300.

To get the best output from a3d engraving machine,then one must make sure that it must have an optical lens on its front. It is very much beneficial in covering larger areas having larger coordinate axes.

Offers quality marking

When it is about having a quality marking, then nothing can be better as compared to the 3d laser engraving machine.The output received by such machines is completely loaded with the best quality. Even though, it does not leave any mark behind its work.

Offers a great customization experience

Unlike the option of 2d machines, the 3d laser engraving machineis designed to offer the highly-customized experience of laser graving to the users. Unlike the 2d cartoons, it is not available at 3d engraving method. In the 3d method, you can watch live 3d animations and videos. It means that the term 3d is all given to something with having great features.

Offers a wider scope

You will be amazed to know, that the 3d laser engraving machineis all designed to offer the best engraving to complex shapes. It means that you do not need to get worried about the shapes, while you are trying 3d glass laser engraving.The 3d laser engraving machines are such machines, which can easily work on slopes, triangular shapes, concave areas, cylindrical shapes, and many more irregular areas.

Now, coming to the major question about what are those areas that can easily work on the 3d engraving machines, and here we have a quick answer to all your queries.


Acrylic is the material on which the 3d laser machines work easily. You can easily create 3d designs on acrylic material. It is the material, which is quite harder than wood and it does not melt easier. It is the material, which offers a great result after getting engraved. With the help of acrylic, it is very much easier to get all the good quality designs on acrylic.


After acrylic, crystal is the material on which the 3d laser machinescan work easier. It will be great art to choose crystal as a material. There are many types of 3d laser crystal engraving machines that are available in the market these days that are very much beneficial in overcoming all the laser engraving needs. The frequency of these lasers is consumed into the glass. This ingestion of the laser makes marks inside the precious stone glass. Individuals will more often than not buy 3d photograph gem laser etching machines for their locally situated business and that serves them spot on.

Medium-density fibreboard or MDF

MDF or medium-density fiberboard is the other form of material on which the 3d laser engraving work quite easier. When it is about creating a customized products, then MDF is the perfect option for everyone. It is the only material on which designs get easily available. As compared to the other discussed material, it is the only option that is very much affordable.

Which 3d laser engraving machine is good for you in 3D engraving?

We hope that after having information about 3d laser engraving, you need to understand all about the machines, which are used for 3d engraving. So, let’s have a look at the information below:

Metal Engraving Machine

When it is about choosing the best machine for metal engraving, then it is the perfect option for you. The body material on which it is composed is MS, Aluminum, or any other. The power of the laser in which it is made is 50W, 30W, and even 20W.

3D laser engraving machine

It is the machine, which is all perfect option to use for glass, wood, and many more products. It can easily work on Auto CAD, Coreldraw, and other software. It works on the water cooling mode and it offers a laser wavelength of 532nm.

Desktop 2 X 1.5 laser engraving machine

It is a Co2 type of 3d laser engraving machine and it is having ZY6040C. It works on laser power of 80W and it requires a voltage of around AC110V+-10%. Besides this, it works on the frequency ranges from 50Hz. Its working area is 400 X 400mm. It is having an exhaust fan with 110W blowers.

Things to check while purchasing any laser engraving machine

Though, there are many choices of laser engraving machines, which make a person face many problems while choosing the best one. Today, here we are going to share the things which will go to reduce all worries about finding the best 3d fiber laser engraving machine.

Learn about the material you want to engrave

As we have already discussed that there are different materials, which a laser machine can engrave. So, before purchasing any machine, you must have an idea about the material you want to engrave. Such materials include wood, plastic, acrylic, and many more.              

Learn about the levels of accuracy that you want to achieve

The laser engraving machines offer better and more accurate results as compared to the normal ones. Depending upon the spindle power of the device, it offers accurate results.

Learn about the maintenance

Maintenance is also the most important factor while going to choose any laser engraving machine. You must learn about the time intervals after which such machines require maintenance. Because for every maintenance work of the3d laser engraving machine, you need to pay the technician.

Check for the replacement parts

You want to check if the gadget has promptly accessible new parts on the off chance that it separates. Regardless of the sort you get, it is as yet a machine, and it will separate sometime in the future.

Likewise, regardless of your level of carefulness, a period will come when you want to supplant specific parts. Henceforth, guarantee that you can undoubtedly get the parts, else you will sit tight for certain months before they get to you.      

Learn about your budget

Whether you are going to purchase 3d laser engraving machine or anything you must keep an eye on your budget. Depending upon your budget, you can choose the best machine for your laser engraving requirement. This is on the rundown of the most significant variables with regards to purchasing an etching machine. This is because your spending plan decides the sort of machine you can purchase. Albeit the cost of the machine ought not to direct its quality, your financial plan is a significant dynamic element.

To summarize

Assuming you need a gadget that can etch on various materials, you ought to hope to spend more cash. There might be less expensive choices, yet they might consume more energy and power, making them costly over the long haul. Accordingly, guarantee you think about these elements when setting your financial plan.

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