Laser engraving machine manufacturers: The Top 15 Brands

Laser engraving is one of the most popular technologies in the manufacturing sector. Laser engraving machines are famous for three primary applications, laser cutting, marking, and etching. Besides these techniques, there are other popular laser machines, such as laser welding machines, laser cleaning machines, etc. Lots of laser engraving machine manufacturers are trying to make a dominating position for their products on the market. Above all, the laser machine’s quality, stability, and durability increase the customer’s demand.

Today’s article presents the world’s most popular laser engraving machine manufacturers. To make it specific, we have brought the top 15 laser machine manufacturers based on available laser machines, organic traffics, and customer reviews.

Top 15 Laser Engraving Machine Manufacturers

As mentioned, we brought the top 15 laser engraving machine manufacturers based on the type of laser machines and customers’ responses. Besides, we also did consecutive research on organic traffics and keywords to get the following sequence.

Above all, we primarily considered the quality and varieties of the same technology of the laser engraving machine. HiSpeed Laser system is the best pick from this list because this brand has maintained excellent customer satisfaction over the decades.

HiSpeed Laser System

Our best pick is the HiSpeed laser System, as they provide the most precise and high-speed technology. This high-speed laser cutting machine manufacturer offers a great collection of laser machines. The HiSpeed laser engraving machines are suitable for cutting and engraving all materials. On the other hand, this high-speed laser-cutting manufacturer also provides laser consumables and accessories.

laser engraving wear off

Main Products

Fibre Laser marking machine, UV Laser Marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, CO2 laser cutting machine, Fly laser marking machine, Mini Portable laser engraver, Laser welding machine, Laser cleaning machine, Ultrasonic welding machine, Laser smoke purifier


Our next best pick StyleCNC specializes in manufacturing varieties of CNC machines. This manufacturer focuses on manufacturing laser engraving machines and other CNC machines such as routers, plasma cutters, lathes, etc. All the devices from StyleCNC are automatic. Therefore, portable or handled laser engraving machines are unavailable in their stock.

Main Products

CNC Router, CNC Plasma Cutter, CNC Milling Machine, Edge Banding Machine, Laser Cutting Machine, Laser marking Machine, Laser Cleaning Machine, laser Engraving Machine, Flatbed Digital Cutting Machine, CNC Wood Turning lathe Machine, CNC wood turning lathe Machine, CNC Spare parts, tools, and accessories


Right After HiSpeed laser Systems, DXTech is one of the world’s best laser engraving machine manufacturers. Dxtech Products engraves metal items for the kitchen, shipbuilding, sheet metal, advertising boards, fitness, and automotive application. DXTech laser engraving machines usually come with larger working areas. The plate fiber laser cutting machine series, plate and tube fiber laser cutting machine series, and metal tube fiber laser cutting machine are the most common products from this laser engraving machine manufacturer.

Main Products

Fibre laser cutting machine, CO2 Laser engraver, laser marking machines, laser welding machine, laser cleaning machine, and Bending Machine

Hans Laser

Right after Dxtech laser, we choose Hans laser as one of the best laser engraving machine manufacturers in the international market. Hans Laser is famous for manufacturing different CNC machines and laser engraving machines. They also provide installation, expert customer service, Sample testing, and after-sale equipment.

The products from hans laser are suitable for electronic and semiconductor engraving, the brittle material industry, the automotive industry, Sheet metal, and the packaging industry.

Main Products

Laser Marking Machines, Laser cutting machines, Laser welding machines, Automation machines, Plasma cleaning machines, CNC machines, Industrial robots, and 3D printers.


LaserAX specializes in manufacturing various types of laser marking and cleaning machines. Their laser marking system usually comes ranging from 20W to 500W. LaserAX laser machines can mark at high speed and provide large working areas. This laser engraving machine manufacturer serves the automotive and electric industries, foundries and casting industries, agriculture, and heavy equipment industries.

Main Products

OEM Laser Markers, OEM laser cleaners, Laser marking machines, and laser cleaning machines

Thunder Laser USA

Thunder laser USA specializes in manufacturing laser cutting and engraving machines. All their machines are automatic and have no portable or handheld laser machines. However, this machine manufacturer produces one of the best quality laser cutting and engraving machines. Nova, Odin, aurora, and mini 60 are the most common models from this brand.

Main Products

Laser cutting machine, Laser engraving machine


Similar to thunder laser USA, Trotec is also one of the best manufacturers of laser engraving machines. This laser engraving machine manufacturer serves various applications such as manufacturing, graphics, traceability, education, and schools. Trotec typically manufactures a limited number of laser engravers and markers.

Main Products

Laser engraver and cutter, Large-format laser cutting machine, laser marking machine

Perfect Laser

After Dxtech or hans laser, perfect laser manufactures varieties of laser cutting, marking, and engraving machines. The laser engraving machines from Perfect Laser can engrave almost all types of materials. Both large and small laser cutting machines are available from this laser engraving machine manufacturer. Although, portable and handheld laser engraving machines are unavailable from this seller.

Main Products

Fibre laser cutting machine, Mixed laser cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, Fibre laser scribing machine, Laser cleaning machine

AP Lazer

Similar to Epilog laser and Xtool US INC, AP Laser also manufactures a limited number of laser engraving machines. However, this laser engraving machine manufacturer specializes in laser marking machines. AP Laser’s laser marking machines are suitable for laser marking on all materials. Besides manufacturing laser machines, AP laser also stores various laser-marked products.

Main products

The Laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, memorial Gifts, Blank Sheets, Granite monuments, engravable blanks, tiles, plaques, etc.

Laser Photonics

Laser Photonics is one of the USA’s most experienced laser engraving machine manufacturers. They have 40 years of experience in manufacturing varieties of laser engraving machines. Moreover, their laser engraving machines are suitable for industrial applications such as aerospace, automotive, military, nuclear, and shipbuilding industries.

Main Products

Laser cleaning machine, laser cutting machine, Laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, and 3D laser printing machine

Inject Coding and Marking

This laser engraving machine manufacturer produces various types of laser machines. It is important to note that this laser machine manufacturer offers handheld laser markers. They provide different bar codes, QR codes, and other portable printers. Besides, they also provide spare parts for respective laser engraving machines.

Main Products

Handheld Printers, Inject Marking Systems, Laser marking and engraving, inject cutting machines, packaging machines, and continuous inject printers

Laser star Technologies

Our next best pick is laser star technologies, which produces laser engraving machines that are Laser star technology and is also famous as a small laser-cutting machine manufacturer. In specific, this laser machine manufacturer specializes in manufacturing laser welding machines.

Main Products

Laser welding machines, Laser marking and engraving machines, manual welding fiber lasers, fiber-coupled laser welders, CNC laser machining centers

Epilog Laser

Our next best pick also comes from the United States of America. Epilog laser is one of the best small laser cutting manufacturers in the USA. However, Epilog Laser focuses on manufacturing high-quality laser-cutting machines. Other laser engraving machines, such as laser marking or etching machines, are unavailable in their stock.

There are a limited number of laser engraving machines in Epilog Laser. CO2 lasers are the common laser source in all these laser machines. Besides, the working area of these laser cutting and engraving machines ranges from 610x 305 mm to 914 x 610 mm, capable of cutting or engraving 178mm to 254mm of the material.


The next choice for the best laser engraving machine manufacturers is XTool US Inc. This company only focuses on manufacturing small laser engraving and cutting machines. There is a minimal number of laser machines available in stock. Although the models from XTool are one of the most popular in the USA.

XTool D1 Pro 2-in1 Kit, XTool D1 Pro 20W, 10W, and 5W, XTool M1, and Laserbox Rotary are the best laser engraving machine XTool US INC.

Barch Laser

Our last best pick is the brach laser which specializes in manufacturing high-quality fiber laser engraving machines. Brach laser is a famous fiber laser manufacturer that has served various industries for a few decades. Deep engraving, color marking on metals, dark marking on stainless steel, and wood engraving are some of the most common services this fiber laser machine manufacturer offers.

Main Products

Fibre laser engraving machine and laser marking machine

laser engraving machine manufacturers

Why brand is essential for an appropriate Laser Engraving Machine

When choosing a laser engraving machine for your business, the brand plays a vital role in making the appropriate choice. Why is brand important? Because the brand ensures the guarantee of the product. People trust the brand as they get the best service from the manufacturer. As a result, choosing the best brand for your laser engraving business is critical.

HiSpeed Laser Systems has been proudly serving its customers for many years. Our company has an outstanding reputation in the laser engraving machine market. Our brand is famous because we maintain the latest manufacturing technology to ensure product quality and stability. Besides, HiSpeed Laser machine’s spare parts are available in stores worldwide.

HiSpeed laser got the best after-sale service team among the other global laser engraving machine manufacturers. Contact us to learn about the machine’s specifications, productivity, and expected lifetime. Anytime you feel like asking questions, our experts are ready to answer all your queries. Besides you can also contact our expert service team if you want the best idea for your laser engraving business.

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