Top 10 Portable Laser Engraving Machines in 2024

Laser machines have become a global device. Almost every industry uses laser technology now. For many uses, it provides accurate and valuable solutions. One of the most common services it offers is laser engraving. “Portable laser engraving machine ” is what we will talk about in this article.

Laser etching is helpful in many situations. It is commonly used to mark metal parts and electronic gadgets in manufacturing. This device can also be used to work on cool wood engraving projects.

Having a small laser engraving machine, on the other hand, usually means more options. These tools can be used to engrave almost any kind of object.

Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, you should choose the best device for your job. Don’t worry! This article will highlight the ten best portable laser engraving machines in 2024. They all come with different features and specifications. Based on your application needs, you can choose the best option.

Why Choose a Portable Laser Engraving Machine?

There are several reasons why you should pick a portable laser engraving machine. Because of its benefits, it’s often a good choice for newbies and experts. Check out the following three benefits.


As the name implies, this is the main reason you should choose a portable laser engraving machine. Because of this feature, this device offers other additional benefits.

Portable laser engraving machines are surprisingly light.

Because it’s movable, you can use it almost anywhere. This tool is excellent for use in your workshop, at a trade show, or on-site for client demos.

A handheld laser engraver offers on-the-go engraving. This is why artisans, small business owners, and hobbyists always prefer these devices.

Compact size for Easy Maneuverability

The portable laser engraver is small, which makes it easy to move around. It’s usually a good option for locations with limited space.

Whether working in a garage or a factory, these tools make you more productive. They also make it easier to mark products accurately in factories.

Easy Setup

Setting up a portable laser engraver is simple, making it easy for beginners. With simple settings and a little setup, you can immediately start engraving.

It’s also easy to use, which makes upkeep and repair work easier.

Top 10 Portable Laser Engraving Machines in 2024

These days, it’s easy to buy portable laser engraving machines online or at local markets. There may be many companies and qualities to choose from.

However, not every brand is the same in quality and strength. This means that careful consideration is always needed.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best portable laser engravers to help you choose. Each machine offers unique features and specifications.

#1 22KG Mini Portable Laser Engraving Machine

There are two types of the 22KG mini portable laser engraving machine, called LS-YLP-20L and LS-YLP-30L. These two models are small (570mm x 460mm x 420mm) but robust tools. For precise marking and engraving jobs, they were made just for you.

portable laser engraving machine

This handheld laser engraver is equipped with high-quality laser sources. You can choose between Raycus, JPT, or MAX Super. These models usually have 20W and 30W laser powers.

The working area is 110-200mm x 110-200mm. This area allows you to work on both metal and some selected non-metal. This device is perfect for product marking, intricate design engraving, and thin sheet-cutting.

#2 20W Portable Fiber Mini Laser Engraving Machine for Metal

Our next best pick is the 20W portable fiber mini laser engraving machine for metal. As the name implies, this handheld laser engraver is ideal for metals. Its size is 500mm x 700mm x 220mm and weighs 55 kg. This device is identified by its model LS-YLP-20L 30L 50L.

This portable laser engraving machine has 20W laser power and the option of JPT or IPG laser sources. Similar to the #1 laser machine, it has a working area of 110-200mm in width and height.

This compact laser engraving machine can cut thin metal sheets and mark & engrave metal parts.

#3 Sliding Door Mini Fiber Optic Laser Engraving Machine

This small laser engraver comes with a size of 740 mm x 750 mm x 480 mm. It’s famous for its safety-sensing slide door, making it safer for people. The door also features motorized up-and-down capabilities. Besides, these machines are versatile and easy to use.

This handheld laser engraver also offers a double red light focus feature. If necessary, you can also install rotary fixtures to mark cylindrical objects.

It offers a choice of laser sources, including IPG, SPI, Raycus, Max, and JPT. Usually, you can choose the laser from 20W to 50W.

This incredible machine is ideal for marking cylindrical objects. You can also work on various product markings and cutting tasks.

#4 20W Safety Full Enclosed Desktop Mini Laser Engraving Machine for Metal

This fully enclosed desk mini laser engraving machine for metal comes with a dimension of 800 mm x 480 mm x 420 mm. Since it is fully enclosed, it is safer for people to use it.

This portable laser engraving machine has IPG, SPI, Raycus, Max, and JPT (optional) laser sources. Based on your application requirements, you can choose the best option. This model usually has three laser power levels: 20W, 30W, and 50W.

Since the safety feature is not automated, this model is cheaper than the previous one. It can efficiently work on both metals and certain metals. Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and plastics are noteworthy.

#5 All-in-one Fiber Portable Laser Marking Machine

This handheld laser engraver has a dimension of 660 mm x 650 mm x 300 mm. It weighs only 31 kg. Overall, it packs everything in a small package.

This portable laser engraving machine features all the necessary built-in systems. It can be divided into two main parts: upper and lower. The lower part includes laser generators, cooling systems, computers, keyboards, and mice. On the other hand, the upper part has the laser gun, its stand, and the working table.

This portable laser engraving machine usually has 20W and 30W laser powers. It is ideal for limited spaces and small-scale marking jobs.

#6 Mini Laser Engraver | Mini Portable Laser Marking Machine

The mini laser engraver is a compact yet powerful machine. It generally comes with separate components. You may find a laser generator, a workbench with a laser gun, and other necessary parts.

Like other compact laser engravers, they come with cutting-edge laser sources. They offer different power levels, ranging from 20W to 100W. In addition, they have a working area of 110-300mm * 110-300mm.

You can work with various metals and non-metals. Common materials are metals, plastics, coated materials, rubber, epoxy resin, and ceramics. This means that this portable laser engraver is ideal for diverse engraving applications.

#7 Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine with Motorized Lifting

This portable laser engraver comprises an upper section and a lower section. The upper section has a working table with laser guns and a stand. On the other hand, the lower section holds the laser generator.

The attraction of this model is the motorized lifting mechanism for the laser gun. It enhances the precision and efficiency of engraving tasks.

This handheld laser marking machine has a dimension of 760 mm x 480 mm x 420 mm. It weighs only 55 kg. You can get three laser power options: 20W, 30W and 50W.

This handheld laser marker is ideal for small-scale laser marking applications.

#8 Handheld Laser Etching Machine

The portable laser etching machine is a unique, convenient way to mark with a laser. It has a laser gun you can hold and a laser source with a built-in control system.

This device technically requires no maintenance. It offers high efficiency with continuous operation. Its system supports BMP, DXF, HPGL, JPEG, and PLT file formats.

This handheld laser marker is 315 mm x 315 mm x 195 mm and weighs 10 kg. It offers three laser power options: 20W, 30W, and 50W. You can choose between various laser source brands, such as Maxphotonics, Raycus, JPT, Max, and IPG.

The handheld laser etching machine is excellent in quick laser marking applications.

#9 Mini Smart Handheld Laser Marker

This mini smart handheld laser marker also has two of the most critical parts of a laser machine built into it. One of them is a laser gun you can hold in your hand. The second one has a control system and a laser source installed.


Surprisingly, they weigh only 6kg for laser generator and 1.25kg for laser gun. This compact size and lightweight nature make it easy to move in any location.

The control system supports text, patterns, QR codes, barcodes, serial numbers, and graphics. You can insert them via USB input. However, the three laser powers available are 20W, 30W, and 50W.

This portable laser engraving machine is ideal for quick laser marking applications.

#10 Fiber Handheld Laser Marking Machine

Our last pick is the fiber handheld laser marking machine. As the name suggests, this device is perfect for several laser marking tasks.

This portable laser engraver comprises three major parts: the working table, laser head, and laser generator. It is compact at 600 x 210 x 670 mm and weighs only 55 kg.

Operating this device is very simple. You can connect it to your laptop or desktop. Remember to install the appropriate driver for the device. However, it offers features similar to those of other portable laser engraving machines.

How to Choose the Best Portable Laser Engraving Machine?

Choosing a suitable laser etching machine is crucial if you want the best results. It has a direct effect on the quality of your work. It also influences how quickly you finish projects and how happy you are with the tools.

A good machine ensures that the etching is accurate. It also works well with different materials and is easy for people to use. In general, it increases output and decreases waste.

Power & Wattage

The laser’s cutting and engraving skills depend on its power and wattage. Lasers with more energy can cut through thicker, denser materials.

Engraving Area & Size

The engraving area tells you how big of a surface a laser etching machine can work on. Ensure the machine’s dimensions suit the items you want to use.

Material Compatibility

Material suitability tells you what kinds of materials a laser engraving machine can work with. Most high-speed portable laser engravers can mark or print on wood, acrylic, metal, glass, leather, and plastics.

Ease of Use & Software

Look for equipment that is easy to use. Software is also an essential part of etching well. That’s why your machine needs to work with standard laser etching software. So, pick a machine with software that helps you with your design needs and easy-to-use settings.

Safety Features

Safety features should come first. Ensure the laser has safety certifications, emergency stop buttons, and protected enclosures. It usually stops accidents and makes sure the process is safe.

Price & Budget

Figure out how much you can spend and compare different machines’ features. To make a cost-effective purchase, find a balance between the cost and the quality of the device.


What Is The Best Laser Engraver For Beginners?

A laser engraver that is easy for beginners to use, has simple settings, and works reliably is ideal. In this case, you can go for HiSpeed portable laser engravers. More specifically, choose the model LS-YLP-20L/30L. This device has all the features you may need for your projects.

Is It Worth Buying A Laser Engraving Machine?

It is worth it for everyone to buy a laser etching machine. It is accurate, flexible, and quick for engraving on different types of objects. It’s usually the best for customization and engraving objects quickly.

What Is A Good Wattage For A Laser Engraving Machine?

The best power range for a portable laser engraving machine is between 20W and 100W. This range has enough power to engrave on various surfaces while still being portable. Cutting and engraving can go faster when the wattage is bigger. It can also be used for many different projects and purposes.


The list above showcases the top portable laser engravers. It offers many choices to fit various project needs and budgets. Each machine has its own benefits. Each device’s feature allows you to make a choice that fits your needs.

Knowing what each device can do and how it can help you is very important. It also enables you to figure out if it fits your needs. You can find whatever you’re looking for in an engraver—compactness, power, or flexibility—in this comprehensive guide.

For more help and thorough information, please contact our customer service team. We want to help you make the best choice for your laser printing needs.

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