Application Of Online Flying Laser Marking Machine On Animal Ear Tags

In the field of animal husbandry, ear tags are a kind of sign that identifies animals. They are used to identify the identity, breed, gender, date of birth and other information of the animal. Laser Marking Machine making it easier for livestock farm managers to manage and trace. At present, wearing ear tags on livestock is one of the most common methods in breeding farms.

Compared with electronic tags, ear tags are more affordable.

But putting the identification information on the animal ear tag requires the help of a device. Online flying laser marking machines can mark animal ear tags. The agricultural field widely utilizes this marking method in animal husbandry. Laser marking, as a marking method, is employed in this context. Laser marking is a marking method. It uses high-energy-density laser to irradiate the workpiece. The purpose is to vaporize the surface material. Or, it can cause a chemical reaction of color change. This process leaves a permanent mark.
Laser marking machines can print various texts, symbols, and patterns. The character size can range from millimeters to microns.
This range of character sizes is of special significance. It is particularly important for the anti-counterfeiting of products. Laser marking machines can and mark identification information on ear tags. Compared with traditional printing methods, laser marking can make identification information clearer, more durable, and less likely to be blurred or worn. At the same time, this marking method will not have any adverse effects on the animals and will not affect their normal life and behavior.

The marking of animal ear tags is suitable for use with UV flying laser machines.

The UV laser beam shines on the surface of the animal ear tags.
This process generates very high heat.
The heat will melt or evaporate the surface material.
As a result, notches or engravings are formed.
The purpose of this process is to engrave corresponding information. This kind of notch or engraving appears as a black line or font on the surface. These notches or engraving are extremely fine and can meet the requirements of high-definition marking. They will not fade and are very stable and durable.
The flying laser marking machine is small in size, easy to move, and easy to operate.
The mobile production line actively equips the UV flying laser marking machine.
It fully realizes the concept that products can be directly put into storage after they come off the production line.
This breakthrough solves the problem that traditional laser marking machines can only mark static products.
Additionally, the light source output of the flying laser marking machine has strong collimation.
The UV flying laser marking machine ensures accurate marking and clear lines.
It maintains stable output of the marking light source regardless of the speed of product flow.
The marking quality remains consistent.
The entire marking process is fast and highly precise.
This capability enables it to meet the needs of large-volume production.
It is beneficial for the animal husbandry industry.

UV flying laser marking machines

In practical applications, UV flying laser marking machines can mark various patterns, numbers, letters, etc.
Laser marking technology enables easy engraving of high-quality QR codes on products.
It also enables engraving of related characters and numbers.
The scanning recognition rate of the engraved codes is high.
This high recognition rate facilitates quick information reading for managers.
This technology greatly contributes to improving the management of livestock products.
The use of online flying laser marking machines is widespread in the application of animal ear tags.
They can be used on various animals in livestock farms, such as cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, etc.
This technology effectively improves the management efficiency and operational convenience of livestock farms.
Additionally, it brings more opportunities to the development of animal husbandry.

It has the following advantages:

  • With compact design,Sturdy,small footprint,Split suspension structure, convenient and adjustable.
  • Stable Laser output, cold light system without deformation in the marking.
  • Convenient in operation, fully closed laser paths, stable,reliable and free in maintenance with ultra-long service life.
  • No need to adjust laser path, directly cooperate with the assembly line to reduce loading and unloading manpower.
  • No need any maintenance, long life, small volume, suit for working in atrocious working conditions.
  • Supports automatically coding,printing serial number, batch number, date, bar code,2D bar code, number jumping automatically, etc.


Flying laser marking machines have expanded their status as industrial equipment beyond the mere display of production dates and batch numbers on product packaging.
Flying laser marking machines actively contribute to the production of various items in our daily life.
The production of medical health products actively incorporates the use of flying laser marking machines.
The tobacco and alcohol industries actively utilize flying laser marking machines in their production processes.
The electronic industry actively employs flying laser marking machines in its manufacturing processes.
Flying laser marking machines actively contribute to the production of industrialized and heavy industry products such as auto parts, craft products, and clothing accessories.
With the continuous development of automation, the development prospects of flying laser marking machines will involve more aspects.

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