Color Laser Marking

What is color laser marking?

Color laser marking, or the well-known color laser engraving, refers to adding color to the marking. “Marking” is its technical term. Color laser marking can mark materials with a variety of pigments. This technology does invente for 10 years. At first, first used it in metal products and jewelry. Manufacturers use color for laser marking or engraving. This allows their products to be versatile and more beautiful.
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The advantages of color laser marking compared with ordinary marking machines

The color laser marking machine is one of the standard marking machines. Color laser marking machine adds other colors based on ordinary marking machine. The traditional regular marking machine is gradually replaced by laser color marking in different places. Color marking of stainless steel can achieve by process annealing. A laser color marking machine can provide higher accuracy, speed, and flexibility.

1.More colors

The color laser marking machine can mark more colorful colors. This is the most significant advantage of color laser marking machines compared with ordinary laser marking machines. The color laser marking machine mainly adopts the latest digital technology. Use a laser beam to react on the surface of metal or other materials. Laser marking bid farewell to the monochrome era! Laser marking is no longer monotonous!

Several material types for color laser marking.


Plastic is a kind of material that is used very frequently. At present, color laser marking machines are also commonly used to keep plastics. Plastics can show color contrast through a color marking machine. This can make ordinary plastics show different colors. For example, one cannot change red plastic marked by a color laser marking machine to other colors afterward. The plastic produced in this way can be rich in color.


Color laser marking machine engraving metal is its most commonly used function. Especially the color laser marking machine marks stainless steel. This is very popular for use in industrial applications. It can produce different colors on the metal surface by different frequencies, speeds, or focal lengths. Therefore, the color laser marking machine can make the untreated metal surface have richer colors.

Application of color laser engraving

The application range of laser color marking machines is also extensive. It can also do the work that ordinary marking machines can do. And it also expands its application range based on regular marking machines.
Jewelry: such as bracelets, pearls, and other accessories, which can add more beauty.
Nameplate: more artistic and unique

What will affect the color laser marking during use?


The operating environment of the color laser engraving machine should be good, and the power supply voltage should be stable. If the voltage fluctuates too much, a regulated power supply should be configured. The placement of the machine should be tricky, and it should not work in an environment with significant vibration and humid conditions because the speed and power of the color laser engraving machine will affect the color that meets the standard. In this case, the color of the mark engraved on the engraving surface of the material will be purer. The laser current must not be too large, it must be below 20mA, and it must be as deep and fast as possible. Make sure that the engraving is accurate enough.


The laser tube is a heating element, and the quality and quantity of circulating water must be guaranteed: quality — to ensure that it is clean and free of debris. The circulating water will replace regularly (two days). The water must be changed when the machine is not working; quantity-ensure sufficient circulating water (above 20Kg), and ensure that the circulating water temperature is 5-25°C.


Under the condition of meeting the functional requirements, use the most optimized working method to extend the laser tube’s service life as much as possible. For example, try to use the cutting program as much as possible.

Machines suitable for color laser engraving

1.Hispeed MOPA Fiber Laser Marking Machine
MOPA fiber laser marking machine uses a laser beam to scratch the surface of various substances. MOPA laser marking machine can perform black and white drawing on most metals and plastics, black on anodized aluminum, and color on stainless steel and titanium. The marking function is to expose deep-seated substances by evaporating surface substances, thereby engraving exquisite patterns, trademarks, and texts. In addition, this laser marking machine can be used for gorgeous patterns such as serial numbers and barcodes.

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