Comparison Between YAG and Metal Tube Fiber Laser Marker

Equipment Aging:

Due to the rise of metal tube fiber laser marking machines, few companies produce YAG equipment, but many old YAG users still bought this equipment many years ago, and now they need some accessories for the YAG equipment. The additions of YAG equipment need to customize or refurbished. There are hidden dangers of stability and high maintenance costs.

Power Consumption:

The power of the YAG laser machine is 6KW. And the power of the metal tube fiber laser marking machine is 500W. According to the calculation of 20 hours per day for 300 days per year, the electricity cost of YAG is required:36,000 kW.h. The fiber laser marking machine only needs to be 3000 kW.h. It can save 33,000 kW.h of electricity every year. At 0.2 USD per kW.h, we can save 6600 USD.

Use Efficiency:

The overall advantage speed of the metal tube fiber laser marking machine is 3 times that of YAG. The light speed quality is 12 times that of YAG. The machine is small and can move at any time. No maintenance, No water circulation cooling, and no consumables.

Use Environment:

The metal tube fiber laser marking machine can use normally from -10℃ to 45℃. YAG requires a temperature of 20℃-27℃ and is environmentally demanding.

Consumables Required:

YAG needs to replace regularly, and the cooling water is replaced. The optical stability of the equipment is poor and professional maintenance is required. The metal tube fiber laser marking machine has no consumables, and the equipment is simple. The structure of the whole machine has been modularized. Once a problem occurs, it can find quickly and can solve quickly.

Equipment Size:

YAG laser machine size: 1500*1200*1300mm. Need outdoor air conditioning.
Fiber laser machine size: 800*600*1300mm. No need any peripheral aid.

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