Custom OEM Solution for Laser Machine

If you want to have your own laser marking machine according to your real needs, creating an OEM business is a great choice. Nowadays, Hispeed provides a complete custom OEM solution to meet all your extra needs and requirements, and finally, we will provide technologically advanced products.

This custom OEM solution mainly involved 3 aspects:

  • Different options of uniquely custom exterior and functional combinations.
  • Cost and time effects of custom laser marker.
  • Minimum order quantity.

Flexible & Quality Manufacture

Private Labeling:

Our OEM service involves private labeling. We can modify the existing products to meet your special requirements and print your logo on them.

Fundamental Custom Solution:

For those who have no idea what kind of laser marking machine they accurately want, we provide fundamental custom solutions. You can create a flexible combination from different laser power, laser marking scope, exterior, and marked color. Besides, for the non-core parts of the laser marker, you can decide to use our products or provide them by yourself.

Non-standard Deep Custom Solution:

Our uniquely custom OEM solution provides more flexibility to our customers to design its own laser marking machine. To ensure the efficiency of the deep custom solution, our customers should provide specific requirements, such as what kind of material they apply for, where the use scene the marking machine usually used, the effect of marking which you expect, and the production efficiency you want to reach, and more.

Cost Effective with Product Assurance

We have various combinations to help us finish the custom OEM solution. And the cost of each combination is different. Different laser power, working scope, exterior, marked colors, and structure will create different costs. The final cost should be calculated specifically.

We always focus on product quality. With the continuous investment of laser marking technology R& D, we nowadays have technologically advanced equipment. Most of our customers feedback and prove the quality of our products and service. Our goal is total custom satisfaction.

Production Cycle

The general production cycle of the common laser marker is 7-10 days, and for some emergency orders, the fast production speed is 3days for one. The custom laser machine has 10-20 days of the production cycle, and the specific time is decided by its complexity.


There is no minimum order quantity, we accept your order even for one machine.

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