Does Laser Engraving Wear Off?

The application of laser engraving is getting wider and wider. Whether you want to engrave jewelry, acrylic, cotton and linen, metal, glass, ceramics, etc. can use a laser engraving machine. But did you know that the finished engraving pattern will wear out with time? Or will engraved designs wear out after washing? The answer is not specific. The durability of engraved marks depends on many factors. Let’s examine the elements that influence how long laser engraved designs last.

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Factors that determine the wear off of laser engraving

Material to be engraved

Numerous materials can be engraved with a laser. The later laser wear off is significantly influenced by various materials. For example, engraving on wood will wear off more quickly than engraving on metal. Engraving on gold will wear out faster than the engraving on hard metals such as tungsten. So engraving wear and tear is closely related to the material.

Engraving Depth

Obviously, the deeper we engrave, the less likely it is to wear out. Of course, the engraving depth is usually specified by the customer, and we cannot choose it ourselves. But if the same material, the deeper the engraving, the less likely it to wear. However, the engraving depth should not exceed the maximum bearable limit of the engraving material. For example, acrylic, if the engraving is too deep, will lead to material fracture.

Cleaning and polishing

Generally, we will clean and polish the product after the engraving is completed. This will also produce laser engraving wears off. So after the engraving is completed, it is recommended not to polish the artwork too often. Otherwise, engraving will suffer significant harm.
Polishing and cleaning jewelry and other engraved items will also affect the life of the engraving. There are two crucial cleaning and polishing guidelines that won’t significantly harm your engraving.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the lifespan of any laser engraving will depend greatly on the material used, the depth of engraving, and post maintenance. If you would like to ask questions about laser engraving, you can contact our staff.

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