Laser Machine Spare Parts

As one of the leading laser marker manufacturers, Hispeed Laser Technology Ltd. has exported to over 60 countries all over the world and enjoyed a good reputation there. It is not exaggerated that such good fame all attributes to our various types of products of high-quality and laser machine spare parts. An outstanding machine consists of varied good-quality parts or components. Today, what we gonna discussed is the major components of the laser marker machine.

Laser Source

    As we all know, materials contain atoms, of which the electrons are part. These electrons can take in energy from an electrical current or another laser beam. After that, these electrons will get active, moving from a lower-energy orbit to a higher-energy orbit around the atom’s nucleus. At this moment, a laser source comes into being. It finds a wide range of applications in the fine cutting, metal welding, surface processing, 3D printing, and rapid prototyping.

    Six Features:

    • High average power.
    • Multiple anti-high-reflection.
    • High-quality beam.
    • Relatively high electro-optic conversion efficiency.
    • Coherence.
    • High intensity.

    Control Board

    A control board refers to a panel that has switches, dials, and other components to regulate the electrical equipments, lights, and so on. It mainly serves a role to receive commands to correspondingly adjust the machine status. A control board finds a wide of applications in the mailbox, drawers, lockers, logistics cabinets, wardrobes, phone charging cabinets.

    Five Features:

    • Compatible with computer.
    • Working well on Windows systems.
    • Transfering TCP/IP commands from PC to CU as 485 format.
    • Freely Designed: You can design software as your requirements.
    • The high-quality modules ensures the stable working.

    Galvo Scanner

    A Galvo Scanner equips with a digital or simulating interface. Its input aperture can be available in 10mm, 12mm, or 16mm. Plus, it is apt for different fiber laser sources. A Galvo Scanner is applicable in different industrials, such as the precision laser marking and laser engraving, fly marking, semiconductor, electronic industry marking.

    Four Features:

    • Good dynamic property and compact structure.
    • Excellent waterproof and dustproof performance.
    • Equipped with a high precision photo-sensor.
    • Compatible with a variety of F-theta lenses.

    F-theta Lense

    F-theta lens aims to focus a beam of the laser onto a plane image. The F-theta lense usually equips with two galvanometer mirrors. One mirror controls the beam deflection in the horizontal direction and the other for the perpendicular direction. It finds wide applications in the laser marking, scientific R&D, engraving, scanning system, and so on.

    Four Features:

    • Making the brim beam to focus on the detector more exactly.
    • In the same main optical system, its appendix – field lens will shrink the area of ​​the detector.
    • Under the condition of using the same detector area, the F-theta lense can enlarge the field of to enhance the flux of incidence.
    • Making the illumination on the photosensitive surface of the detector even.

    Power Supply

    A power supply refers to an electrical apparatus that powers the equipments. Some people may consider the power supply and electricity source as same. Strictly speaking, the electricity source means an outlet, battery, or generator. The power supply mainly serves to convert the electrical current of the electricity source into the applicable format and voltage.

    Five Features:

    • Reducing costs.
    • Install flexibility.
    • Convenient and beautiful.
    • The maximum power of the single-port is up to 30W.
    • Easy to maintain, control, and manage.

    Red Light Indicator

    The red light indicator shows the status of the machine and battery level. It, practically, serves as a warner of the dysfunctions of the machine. When the red light indicator constantly lits, it means that a system error has occurred. While, when it is flashing, it indicates that an error has occurred. In this way, the technician should come to check the problem and come up with a solution. It finds wide applications in the following aspects, i.e. devices/equipment, elevator control, dust-free room interface, emergency alarm system, entrance guard system.

    Four Features:

    • Excellent properties to protect from the water, dust, mold, and so on.
    • Consisting of the environmentally-friendly materials.
    • Its Teflon wire can be safe even under the high-temperature of 230 degrees.
    • One-piece molding, smooth thread.

    Laser Glass Tube

    Laser glass tube produces the laser with a direct current and good-quality beams. Laser glass tube produces the laser with a direct current and good-quality beams. The laser emits the electrical power in an invisible form of an infrared laser beam. This beam of light is powerful and focused. Therefore, it is ideally apt for material cutting, engraving, laser cutting, and marking.

    Four Features:

    • Copper Cooling Jacket:

    The metal material copper features excellent heat conductivity. Its faster heat dissipation protects lense better.

    • Imported Glass:

    Featuring with tight and tough, the glass has better hermeticity, clear, and a longer span of life.

    • Good-quality Lens:

    Its high-quality lens ensures the better beam quality and facula.

    • Longer Service Life:

    The laser glass tube features a very stable performance. Generally speaking, it boasts 8000 to 10000 hours using life. However, if carefully maintained, it can work up to 20000 hours.

    Fume Extractor

    In industrial production, it is inevitable to generate harmful chemicals or particles. Hence, there is an emergent need to discharge these deleterious gases. A fume extractor is exactly a device that inhales the fumes and particulates into the filtration system by using the fan. In addition to the fan, the fume extractor equips various filters. Combining the strong strength of these two parts, the fume extractor offers a circulating air pattern for ductless units.

    Four Features:

    • Occupying a small area; lightweight and easy to move.
    • Low operating cost.
    • Easy Operation: Just reasonably placing the exhaust pipe and set exhaust power without adding any stuff when the fume extractor running.
    • Stable property to withstand fire and corrosion.

    XYZ Work Table

    Consisting of stainless steel, the XYZ work table is durable, hygienic. It is capable of great qualities to antagonize corrosion, acid, alkali, dust, static. The XYZ work table finds a wide application in the following industries, such as production line, light industry, electronics industry, robot system, security monitoring, 3D printer, machine equipment, advertising equipment, medical equipment.

    Four Features:

    •  Easy and flexible installation.
    • You can freely adjust the size and structure of the XYZ work table as your needs.
    • Powerful Systems: Nc Studio control system; a lead shine hybrid servo system.
    • Equipping the stainless working table for better processing the metal or stone.

    Rotary Fixture

    The Rotary Fixture is applicable to mark and cut on the cylinders, sphere-shaped, tapered, and non-symmetrical objects; to mark the interior circle and exterior circle of varied rings in the 360-degree rotary way; to mark the flanges, dials, cups in the rotating way.

    Five Features:

    • The stable and beautiful structure: the main body consists of stainless steel, free from the rust forever.
    • Easy to use: It can be directly installed on the laser marking platform, either horizontally and vertically.
    • Practical and compact, good stability.
    • High precision: adopting a high-precision vertical axis system and CNC production process.
    • Equipping with a domestic high precise stepping motor and integrated driver.

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