Laser Marking Machine vs. Inject Printer

Laser technology is gradually improving with the continuous development of science and technology. As a result, users of laser marking machines are increasing, and various laser marking devices are being utilized more often. The FLY laser marking machine is one of the most widely used laser marking machines. We often see this device in the workshop’s factory assembly line.

laser marking machine

However, do you know the differences between a laser marking machine and a traditional inkjet printer? Let’s introduce the differences between these two machines from various angles.

A. Performance

We primarily differentiate the four aspects,  anti-counterfeiting effect, working state, flexibility, and reliability.

1. Anti-counterfeiting effect

The printing details of the laser marking machine include direct marking on the surface or inside the product. The type of markings can be either a line or a dot matrix. The marking effect is apparent and can not be erased or changed. The anti-counterfeiting effect is noticeable.

On the other hand, the marking effect of the inkjet printer is also apparent. But it is easy to remove and change the markings. Typically, the anti-counterfeiting effect of the inkjet printer is limited.

2. Working state

The laser marking machine adopts linear high-speed and non-stop laser marking. The operational state has high production efficiency in both static and high production lines.

The inkjet printer also adopts linear mode with no pause in production and provides high production efficiency. Some inkjet printers may have ink-clogging nozzles, affecting production speed.

3. Flexibility

The laser marking machine can print serial codes, batch numbers, barcodes, QR codes, logos, and patterns. The information printing lines and font sizes are not limited in this case. Therefore, the number of printed lines and font sizes is unlimited.

Inkjet printers can print barcodes, batch numbers, and simple patterns. But the number of printing lines and font size is limited for this machine.

4. Reliability

The laser marking machine offers stable and reliable performance. It works continuously around the clock. It has a maintenance-free time of 70,000 hours to 100,000 hours. In addition, it requires minimal maintenance providing the longest stable running time. Lastly, it is less affected by the environment.

Inkjet Printers are typically stable, but the failure rate is comparatively high. In addition, the nozzle will be blocked due to changes in ambient temperatures, humidity, and dust. The maintenance workload is heavy and significantly affected by the environment.

B. Operation and Installation

Concerning operation and installation, the comparison mainly includes the use and setup of the device.

1. Use

laser marking machine user interface

The intuitive windows software of the laser markers offers a high-resolution display interface. Besides, this software provides apparent picture customization features. It makes the creation and editing of printing information convenient and fast.

The display interface of the inkjet printer is relatively simple. In this case, the printing information can be edited and processed.

2. Setup

The laser marking machine has a simple and lightweight structure. It provides the smallest and lightest laser marking head, which can be installed in production. It is suitable for all production spaces.

The type of inkjet printing machine varies from large to small. Some models may need external equipment, such as an air compressor.

C. Cost and Budget

In the case of cost, the comparison typically depends on the initial cost and operating cost.

1. Initial Cost

The first-time purchase price of a laser marking machine is relatively high. On the other hand, inkjet printers offer a lower price.

2. Operating Cost

There is no need for supplies later in purchasing the laser marking machine. Although, some laser machines may consume gas. For those laser machines, there may be insufficient gas to inflate or replace the laser after a certain number of years.

Inkjet printers need to consume special inks, solvents, and cleaning agents. It also requires regular startup and maintenance.

D. Materials Suitability

The laser marking machine is relatively material-selective. A laser marking machine can not mark some materials.

On the other hand, inkjet printers can mark all types of material. As a result, the scope of the application is relatively broad.


The main difference between the FLY laser marking machine and the traditional inkjet printer is the use of consumables. The fly laser markers don’t need supplies, while the conventional inkjet printer needs ink, solvents, or cleaning agents. In addition, inkjet printers require special personnel to clean the machine. Besides, it also requires special personnel to perform other debugging and maintenance work. The FLY laser marking machine almost requires zero maintenance. You do not need to clean the laser machine. As a result, the operation cost of this machine is lower and more environmentally friendly.

laser marking machine product

Besides, the FLY laser marking machine is primarily suitable for linear dynamic inkjet marking. It is typically ideal for marking on the surface of various products or outer packaging. Different from traditional laser marking machines that can only mark stationery objects. A FLY laser marking machine keeps items flowing on the production line during the marking process. It dramatically improves production efficiency.

The marking effect of the FLY laser marking machine has visual and tactile effects. It also has the properties of long-term non-erasable benefits. Besides, it also has strong anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling features. Therefore, it is not limited to simply marking the product’s production date and batch number. The FLY laser marking equipment recently becomes widely popular in various industries. It includes electronics, tobacco, biopharmaceuticals, wine, auto parts, food, and beverage industries.

Laser markers have become the best choice for industrial development in the new era. It was only possible with the rapid growth of laser marking technology. It is called one of the “weapons” to become bigger and stronger.

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