UV Fly Laser Marking Laser Printing for HDPE,PPR,PVC Tubes Pipes

UV fly laser marking machines works for online flying PPR, PVC, HDPE plastic pipe industry,which is No consumables, Maintenance-free.
One of the perfect option to mark the plastic pipe or tube by Hispeed Laser.

Hispeed online fly laser printer is suitable for batch production and high marking precision in food printing, wines industry, mineral water, daily cosmetics, some other kinds of production lines.
Compared to the traditional inkjet printer, online fly laser printer has zero consumption of any materials, no need ink, no pollution, no noise, energy saving and environmental protective.
The Hispeed Online Fly Series Laser Printer can be equipped with different kinds of laser sources, such as Fiber, CO2 and UV .
It can be widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, tobacco, leather industry.

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