The Best Laser Welders for your Business

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Looking for appropriate laser welders for your business? Keep reading this article, and you will get all your answers at the end of this topic. Laser welders are one of the greatest technology in the world. “Laser welding machine fundamentals” already described the importance and application of laser welding in different industries. In this article, …

Laser Welding Machine Fundamentals

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We are familiar with welding technology, as we frequently see it in a nearby workshop. A laser welding machine performs a similar job but through a different technology. A laser welding machine makes an accurate weld and is fast and reliable. This article describes the fundamentals of laser welding machines. Afterwards, we will introduce some …

How to Choose the Best Deep Laser Engraving Machine


Fiber laser deep engraving has the required depth and aesthetics, unlike laser engraving, which lacks both. When engraving in-depth, the depth can easily reach several millimeters into the metal. This is in contrast to conventional laser engraving, which is usually only a few microns deep. The depth of conventional laser engraving can reach 500 microns.

Points to Note for Laser Safety

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Laser is a very popular technology nowadays. We can see various types of laser machines in various industries. There are constant innovations and advances every moment, and the power output of lasers is constantly increasing. However, with this, we can also feel worried. This is because lasers can be harmful to our eyes. Must properly …

What is Fiber Laser Source?


When we talk about laser cleaning machines or rust removal machines, we mainly refer to the most important part of this machine: the fiber laser source. Laser generators include continuous wave lasers (CW lasers) and pulsed lasers. As the name implies, the output of a continuous wave laser is continuous in time. And the laser …

CO2 Laser Scanners Basic Manual – You Need to Know

CO2 Laser Scanners

CO2 Laser Scanners are a very important part of a laser engraving or cutting machine. CO2 Laser Scanners are designed as a dynamic magnetic structure and play a huge role in the work of the engraving machine. Let’s learn more about the role of the co2 galvo laser. These specific qualities are included: The laser …

Advantage of Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking

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Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking uses a laser to leave an imprint on the material’s surface. Enclosed fiber laser marking machines can print a wide range of characters, symbols, patterns, and more. An enclosed fiber laser marking machine is the best choice if you are looking for a more comprehensive marking machine. Fiber laser enclosed marking …

Laser Marking Solution of Ophthalmic Glasses and Contact Lenses

Types of laser marking for ophthalmic glasses and contact lenses

For our customers, we have the capability to supply a custom laser system for laser marking eye contacts depending upon specific requirements. Hispeed Laser independent research, development, design and manufacturing laser marking system, the UV laser system was born for the new trend of contact lenses. Laser marking technology allows any alphanumeric text to engrave …